Sports Minister makes another howler in Parliament

The Sports Minister is a Joker. His loud mouth has created another Howler.
Following is what he said:

‘We wanted to keep Thilan in the team on special basis, but  the main objective of selecting players for the team is to win the 2015 World Cup."

To which Arjuna replied,

"World Cup is not played by Test matches. Thilan plays in Test matches".

Recently he said that there shud be split captaincy. Does he know what he means? His howlers are innumerable.

The whole world is laughing. When we lost the world cup Mahindannda said he will see that we will win World Cup in 2015.

Does he think it is that easy to win WC?

The President should take note that he is doing a disservice to Cricket and he should be replaced. His howlers and talking at wrong time and interfering with players has caused lot of confusion. It is said that his advisor is an ex-captain.

Ranjan Rodrigo Sydney

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