Sports minister cause of cricketing mess

Ever since Mahindananda Aluthgamage became the sports minister, cricket has become a mess and the team is on a downward spiral.

He wants to make Sri Lanka the No 1 team in the world but the feeling is that if he remains the sports minister, before the next world cup, cricket will die a natural death.

In no country in the world does the sports minister interfere to such an extent. Probably he has an inferiority complex. In the history of cricket, no sports minister has lectured to the team.

He embarrassed the country by complaining he did not get VIP treatment at the World Cup. He wanted the SL players in IPL to come back midway, not knowing SLC had granted permission to them to remain till end of tournament.

Without completing investigations of World cup corruption, he is upset that team is divided and wants to lecture to them as though they are schoolboys.

Owing to him, Mahela and Sanga resigned followed by Aravinda. Now, he sacks Duleep Mendis (he deserved it) and brings back a sacked head of selectors, the notorious Ashantha de Mel, who was called a ‘Joker’ among the ‘Muppets’ by none other than Marvan Atapattu who is still the batting coach.

Nishantha, who was sacked along with the previous interim committee, is brought back as secretary. Dharmadasa has been brought as President, since he presented an Aston Martin car to the President’s off spring. The AGM was a farce just to circumvent the ICC ruling, the present committee is elected only by name and is still a politician’s nominated committee.

The sports minister will be fiddling while Rome (cricket) is burning to ashes.

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