SL’s top ranked Test Batters @ No1 to 5 spots must be assigned to plug Holes & bring Wins!

It is worthwhile looking at SL's top ranked Test batters, according to their batting averages during past 18 months, since August 01, 2016 to date (batted at vital No 1-5 spots, where it matters most to the outcome of a Test):

1) LD Chandimal – 19 ing/ 933 @ 54.88 Av/ 45 SR- 3 x 100 / 5 x 50+

2) DKarunaratne – 38 ing/ 1400 @ 38.75 Av/ 46 SR- 4 x 100/ 6 x 50+

3) WU Tharanga –  16 ing / 549 @ 36.60 Av / 56 SR- 2 x 100/ 3 x 50+

4) BKG Mendis-     32 ing/ 1102 @ 34.43 Av /60 SR – 3 x 100 / 3 x 50+

5) DM de Silva –       7 ing / 189 @ 31.50 AV/ 48 SR- 1 x 100*

6) AD Mathews –     23 ing / 677 @ 29.43 AV / 50 SR- 1 x 100/ 4 x 50+;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=2;qualval1=innings;spanmin2=01+Jul+2016;spanval2=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting.

To have the strongest possible solid batting unit for Tests, Upul Tharanga should be included to OPEN with Dimuth K.  Since Upul was relieved from captaincy responsibilities in ODIs, now he is free to take part in Tests.

Opening position is vital to the side & the newcomer Sadeera Samarawickrema is certainly nowhere near international level, as so much hyped on substandard domestic scene highs.

– Sadeera managed just 125 runs @ 15.62 Average from his 8 consecutive test innings on perfect batting decks, including 2 ducks in his 3 single digit scores. He had gathered 2 consecutive ducks in his 2 Odis as well, causing SL to doom.

– Opener Kaushal Silva is a total failure as well. He managed just 465 runs @ 23 Av from 20 Test innings played during past 18 months.

In form Opener, Tharanga tops the batting rankings in ODIs having scored 944 runs @ 48 Av- 84 SR  with 2 tons & 6 x 50+ and he is ranked as 3rd best SL Test batter as shown above with 2 Tons & 3 x 50+ during the same period (among all SL batters batted at No 1-5 spots).;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=2;qualval1=innings;spanmin2=01+Jul+2016;spanval2=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting

Therefore the best available strongest Test batting lineup should be:

1) Dimuth K
2) U Tharanga
3) DM de Silva
4) Chandimal
5) Mathews
6) Asela G
7) Roshen S / K Mendis / Dickwella;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=2;qualval1=innings;spanmin2=01+Jul+2016;spanval2=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting.

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  1. Mr. Julius But Sadeera is a
    Mr. Julius But Sadeera is a talent he should be given more chances. He is just 22 do not disregard based on this tour. This is a tough tour and he deserve few consecutive opportnuties. See with Dhananjaya he gets droopeed but such a talent. This is the same with Sadeera. We can cleary see his talent.

  2. I personally do not like both
    I personally do not like both Dimuth and Upul. I like to see two younsters Dhananajaya and Sadeera opening for SL in BAN tests followed by number 3 Kusal Mendis. This will be great investment for future because all 3 of them 22-26 and highly talented unlike Dimuth and Upul

  3. @ Mr Statguru
    If the player

    @ Mr Statguru

    If the player is truly good as all hype says, 10 straight international innings is more than enough to show some value in performances, as seen with all other truly gifted youngsters & newcomers such as Asela Gunarathne, Dhanajaya de Silva, Roshen Silva, Kusal Mendis, Niroshan Dickwella etc.

    Otherwise, it will be a futile effort dumping more & more matches without gaining anything. The best example for that kind of horrendous wastage seen with Kusal Janith Perera’s 50+ odis & three years long ODI stint as Opener. That significantly caused lot of damage to the side, repeatedly destabilizing the entire batting order from top. That is one of the reasons why SL in this abyss today.

    We have no time to pamper or waste on such absurdity & SL need to rise from the dead as soon as possible. To do that we immediately need capable, experienced & proven hands, but no more experiments.!

    Opening spot is the most vital one in test cricket & it needs consistency, ability & vast experience to deal with the new ball while putting runs on the board playing long innings with tons.

    Is there anyone better than Opener Upul Tharanga to do it, having recorded the highest number of international hundreds (18 x 100+) & (43 x 50+) among all players in SL today?

    If such an Opener is in form, he would be the AUTOMATIC choice for the job in any nation (other than SL). Because it is not a trade that you can specialized overnight.

    If Sadeera is 22 , let him play more domestic & SL A matches, before pushing to the deep end straight away. Let him prove his metal first in 2nd string internationals. If he is good, he has more than enough time to join the big league.

    Having said all this, I don’t expect SL’s Tilted cog wheel will ever turn in right direction.
    Guys like Ashley de Silva governing the board, the college tie would become the final criteria unless Minister Dayasiri intervened somehow .. đŸ˜€

  4. @Statguru
    Pl remember, No


    Pl remember, No international side ever discarded, most experienced senior players in-form @ early thirties in age, to accommodate youngsters. This is a fact for any side world over. Before investing for the future, we should salvage the fast sinking present… to save cricket as a sport in SL for future…!

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