SL’s Ever Best Performers in Global Tournaments – ICC World Cups & ICC- CT Tournaments


SL's Ever Best Batting Performers in Global Tournaments – ICC World Cups & ICC- CT Tournaments to date: Batted at No: 1 to 7 batting spots & who have collected minimum 500 runs

SL's Ever Best Batting Performers in Global Tournaments – ICC World Cups & ICC- CT  BEFORE 2015 WC: Batted at No: 1 to 7 batting spots & who have collected minimum 500 runs –

(In 2015 WC, every player enhanced their  Strike Rates & Averages by few notches up, thanks to the modern day Field Restrictions & Batting Strategies in limited over cricket….  Compare the 2 charts to find out this fact).

Sanga scored 4 more Centuries & increased his Average from 43 to 51 & SR from 76 to 82, while Dilshan added 2 more Centuries &  increased his Average a few notches up from 45 to 49 & SR from 89 to 91 ( Unfortunately Tharanga was deprived that opportunity, since he was overlooked for the WC squad in 2015Tharanga's slight improvement of Average & SR seen in top chart is due to the solitary match he played in ICC-CT 2017 in Eng, scoring 57 Vs SA @ 83 SR  as Opener).


Highest number of 50+ runs scored individual batting Rankings of all top order batters in the World – batted @ No 1-5 in ICC Global Tournaments  (WC & ICC-CT) , who had scored minimum 500 runs & minimum 2 Centuries:

WORTHWHILE NOTING THE FOLLOWING FACTS Related to SL in above World Rankings :

– Our Sanga tops the  World Rankings with 17 x 50+ scores (49 innings – 56 Av) –  2.8 innings  per 50+ score
– Mahela Jayawardane Ranked @ No 6 with 13 x 50+ scores ( 47 innings – 39 Av) – 3.6 innings per 50+ score
– Sanath Jayasuriya Ranked  @ No 8 with 11 x 50+ scores (48 innings – 36 Av) –    4.4 innings per 50+ score
– Upul Tharanga Ranked @ No 10 with  10 x 50+ scores (in Just 27 innings – 43 Av)* – 2.7 innings  per 50+ score****  and ONLY Dravid (IND) with 2.1 , Gibbs (SA) with 2.5 & Tendulkar (IND) 2.6 have Better innings per 50+ score Ratios than our guy Upul Tharanga, among the top 10 batters.

But Unfortunately the TENTH BEST Ranked 50+ scorer in World Stage Tournaments who actively & significantly propelled SL (with Sanga, Mahela & Dilshan) to TWO WC FINALS (2007 and 2011) was Halted from playing in 2015 WC by SJ & Now even His ODI career seems to have prematurely terminated @ 33 yrs just before the 2019 WC, due to Jealousies & Nepotism prevailing in SL Cricket….  WHAT A SHAME for the Whole Nation.! 

Three Cheers to the Responsible Culprits…..!!!  JAYA WEWA.!!!


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  1. How sad to see this kind of
    How sad to see this kind of treatment to a player who has such an impressive WC record. Even some bright students in this country were killed or maimed due to jealousies. When you look at the current set of players, sl will certainly take at least another decade to produce a similar top order guy to make regular runs, with that kind of big runs scoring frequency in most important global competitions. It is also amazing to note how many times Upul was laid off from such tournaments, preferring useless rotten openers like Dimuth, KJP & even Sanath jayasuriya when he was 42 years.

  2. These facts were NEVER
    These facts were NEVER HIGHLIGHTED in SL ever before… for the benefit of OVER HYPED GLAMOUR BOYS & for the purpose of UNDERESTIMATION, UNDER UTILIZATION & NONRECOGNITION of earmarked unfortunates… to treat as a fringe-player forever despite seniority & kick-out at will for no justifiable reason.

  3. You are wrong, Upul is the
    You are wrong, Upul is the best batter in modern cricket. May be he will surpass Kholi’s records soon 😛 😀
    Oh wait.. he is axed from the side right ? Can u name the culprits please ? what a shame.. LOL!!!

  4. I don’t have time to answer
    I don’t have time to answer foolish questions. I have just published some stats & facts purely based on performances in the middle that no one can deny. Facts related to decide how Good, bad or worthiness comparison of top players in global tournaments are all there to see at a glance in summarized form. So anyone can ponder and conclude as they wish 😛

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