SL’s destiny in this WC already written on the wall by selectors… Can our 3 veterans change it?

Chameera was really unlucky to miss the well deserved chance of getting FOUR Wickets, thanks to Kusal Perera's poor fielding. Kusal dropped a straightforward easy catch given by Coleman off Chameera, who ultimately ended up being the highest scorer for Scotland with 70 runs! Catches win matches & this kind of extremely poor fielding lapses will certainly cost heavily for SL in knockout stage matches. Also, having too many inconsistent sloggers in the lower middle order to depend upon for the entire final thrust of 10+ per over towards Final 10 -15 overs, will certainly have a decisive NEGATIVE EFFECT on SL, in do-or-die games.

Kusal, Thisara, Nuwan, Prasanna, Sachitra are just blind hitters who have no control over their slogging business. They all don't have required technicality to survive long enough to make SIGNIFICANT scores like Maxwell. The best example is the last ODI Vs Scotland played on a pretty flat batting paradise, surrounded with short-distant rope to maximize quick scoring potential. Yet, SL lower middle order batters managed just 119 runs (out of it, 51 scored by Mathews @ a record making rate) in LAST 14 overs Vs Scottish MINNOWS! This should have 140 runs, MINIMUM (inclusive of batting power play & having 6 wickets in hand at the begriming).! This clearly shows SL's maximum potential is well below par, despite having the maximum benefits in ideal conditions that any side could ever expect to make a REAL IMPACT in last 15 overs! How well most other sides did in this WC, even in extremely difficult situations against strong opponents, is an eye-opener for SL to visualize the reality.

As long as Sanga & Dilly can manage to pull the load, SL will prosper. If Sanga & Dilly fail to score heavily in a knockout stage match, that will be the end of SL's WC journey, because our eternal Saviour-in-Crisis, Mahela cannot do it alone. As pointed out in a previous blog Thiri's LUCKY escapes, despite repeatedly edging the new ball to the hands of slip cordons of Eng/BD/NZ sides, seem to have unfortunately ended against more capable fielding sides of Au/AF & Scot. If the opponents held those dollies given by him to slips, Thiri's all 6 innings would have ended with Single Digit scores as seen in the other 3 innings Vs Au,Scot & AF. He scored some runs riding on pure luck, thanks to the horrible fielding lapses of opponent's slip fielders. What I have pointed out in my previous blog article was proved again in the last two outings Vs Aus & Scotland. This is the naked reality that selectors prefer to ignore (as they did before with Dimuth despite failures, obviously to keep away Upul, costing a Test series & an ODI series for SL).

As evident from this, Clearly SL had never resolved the Openers' problem that selectors created in 2013 by axing Tharanga. He was never allowed to come back with any reasonable window of opportunity to do so. Now Thiri is repeating what Kusal did occupying opening spot for 2 years. Upcoming Knockout stage matches will prove the futility of having Thiri at the top to FAIL & too many UNDEPENDABLE short-lasting  pinch hitters at the bottom to rely upon, who couldn't even manage 30-40 runs against weak minnows in Hobart's batting heaven.!

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