SLPL – Marketing Required

I was doing a bit of research, and im sure many of you have done this already, but I just wanted to share the proper names of these teams rather than the ones they have been associated with already:

Uva – Badulla
Wayamba – Kurenegala
Basnahira – Colombo
Kandurata – Kandy
Nagenahira – Eastern Province (Unkown City)
Uthura – Dambulla
Ruhuna – Hambantota

I found these on a couple of sites, and was wondering who the marketing genius is behind these names. I think they could’ve built a lot more interest locally and internationally if they played with these city names. 

Anyone konw why they decided to proceed with these terrible names. (No offence to the Sinhalese version of the names, but comon!)

I think the marketing guys should be fired, and they should start a new marketing campaign to drag more people to the grounds.. Im sure if they change the names alone, more interest would be built. I mean a match where you have Colombo Vs Kandy – You dont think that create a little hype?

Would like to know your thoughts. I think the names are utter rubbish!

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