SLC should go forward with SLPL

While a meeting between the SLC’s new committee and Somerset Entertainment Ventures is due today, some reports in the media are already claiming that SLPL is put on hold till next year.

And if it is right, it’s a shame for sri lankan cricket. The sri lanka board can easily explain that after the Indian cricket board’s reverse decision towards sending their players for the proposed league, they had no choice left.

But surely, it should not be explains by SLC. It may be true, that without Indian players, SLPL won’t be as attractive amongst viewers, but SLC should understand that no player or governing body should be regarded greater than the sports. Frankly, SLC would have been loose few dollars, in absence of Indian players, and television broadcasting would have been also suffered, but it’s ok. Let’s, let alone Indian board with his narrow thinking! Any true lover of cricket wont Miss Indian players, if slpl have world class players like- Chris Gayle, Hershel Gibbs, Kieran Powel etc.

And, why srilankan fans should look towards fringe Indian players, when they have their own exiting player like- mahela, sanga, mathews, thisara, malinga. And add to this, we lankans have also some great young prospects for future, like- bhanka rajapaksha, sachith pathirana, angelo perera.

So, if SLPL have already decided to postpone SLPL, its shame. But, if not, please go forward with SLPL…its not IPL after all, its srilanka’s own- SLPL.

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