SLC has second thoughts on sexual misconduct inquiry at cricket board

After a female employee at SLC was allegedly spotted by a security guard engaging in a sexual act at the cricket board’s premises with an employee from Somerset Entertainment Ventures, the organisers of the SLPL, the cricket board sent out a press release informing the media that an investigation would be launched immediately.

But according to Lakbima, SLC officials are in a "fix" and are trying to to drop the investigation.

Meanwhile, the SLC bigwigs who appointed a disciplinary committee to investigate the alleged sex scandal between a female employee of SLC’s marketing department and an Indian official, are reportedly in a fix.

They are reportedly looking for ways to drop the case as the young lady has threatened to reveal all her frolics with some higher ranking SLC officials.

It took Nishantha Ranatunga less than a day to probe the no-ball incident involving Suraj Randiv, suspend him and apologise to India when Randiv deliberately bowled a no-ball to deprive Indian batsmen Virender Sehwag of a century in 2010.

How long will it take Ranatunga to conduct this inquiry?

From The Nation,

Meanwhile, there was growing concern over the inaction by the SLC top brass against the employee concerned and the foreigner. SLC employees and cricket lovers raised eyebrows why the matter had not been referred to the police.

The woman in question is said to be in her mid-twenties and enjoys a ‘whip hand’ at SLC having served as Secretary to several executives including present CEO Nishantha Ranatunga and former world cup tournament Secretary Suraj Dandaniya.

Is it not a shame that our cricket board officials have left us in financial disaster after the 2011 World Cup? The biggest calamity is the fact that Ranatunga and other incompetent and corrupt officials were allowed to carry on after a sham election.

If these allegations are true, and if they remain uninvestigated and unpunished, cricket fans should realise that not only do we have unqualified and incapable people in charge; we also have unethical individuals with poor morals and terrible character at our cricket board.

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