Should Angelo Mathews be removed as captain?

Anjelo Mathew’s leadership has again come under a stinging attack from SL fans as srilanka lost the ODI series against England . Anjelo Mathew was appointed as the leader of srilanka team after the short captaincy period of mahela jayawardhana in the year 2012. It’s important to note that anjelo was groomed to the leadership during that period.

Since then he has been leading srilankan ODI & TEST team at the international level. srilankan fans could very clearly see that anjelo’s leadership tactics were heavily influenced by the mahela sanga duo In the earlier days of his captaincy .we could often hear via stump mikes that sanga saying “put a fielder there ”/put a extra cover ,etc. live pictures of mahela having discussions with anjelo were very frequently telecasted during the matches.hence it’s very clear that anjelo wasn’t allowed to grow as an independent & strong leader .

Anjelo Mathews’s off field conduct as a leader has been excellent so far, he has a cordial relationship with media as anjelo handle media intelligently with out creating unwanted controversies . anjelo communicate with his fellow players , youngsters ,coaches , management with good understanding as we couldn’t hear any news or rumor about an internal conflict with in the test and odi team . anjelo’s flexibility in the working with certain players has showed the way to peaceful and positive dressing room environment .on the other hand his calm and cool on field behavior can be considered as a good characteristic of good leader .

Unlike the other games, leader of a cricket team has a very important on field workload as captain should make all the bowling and fielding changes on his own .other than that captain should put certain tactics in place against opposition players according to the situation . over the years , anjelo’s tactical acumen , bowling changes ,team selections have been criticized by the cricket pundits .his bowling and fielding changes have been very predictable in the last few months . even a cricket fans can predict what he going to do in the certain times of the match .

anjelo waits for things to happen rather than making things happen ,this attitude has piloted us to defeats from jaws of victories in the last few years . if readers remember ,Pakistan grabbed the surprising victory of saja test match in 2013 because of the poor, and negative tactics of anjelo Mathews .hence lot of cricket pundits and fans believe that anjelo need to be a more dynamic ,energetic and attacking leader .

on the other hand it seems that anjelo has personal preferences in the team selection ,anji always prefer to go with same familiar XI rather than experimenting with youngsters .but kusal mendis’s success shows the importance of experimenting with young players .hence anjelo should give chances to young players without unreasonably picking his senior buddies. on the other hand anji doesn’t trust the batters to do the job hence he always pick half players who can be used as neither batters nor bowlers in international level to create that extra cushion down the batting order .

most importantly , it doesn’t seems that anjelo Mathews has a long term vision on the team . he always say , “we take one match at a time …etc”. anjelo could learn from b. macculum in this case . former black caps captain had a very good vision ,he led newzealand team to great victories with his visionary leadership ,hence it’s very important to have a long term plan

it’s true that whole team is going through a tough time . hence anjelo alone can’t change things , but a good captain can make a big difference in the team . brendon macculum transformed a weak newzealand side in to a victorious side with in a short period of time with his visionary , vibrant , and attacking leadership .on the other hand , considering the current composition of the team anjelo is the best available person to lead the country at this moment , but it doesn’t mean that he should not address his short comings .

I personally believe that if he fail to address his short comings in the near future . srilankan selectors & management would left with no option others than appointing a new , dynamic and passionate leader in order to arrest this worrisome performance slump.

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