Sangakkara thanks Sri Lankan selectors


At the post match ceremony of today’s Tri-Series Final in Bangladesh, Kumar Sangakkara thanked the Sri Lankan selectors for picking a young side and sticking with them.

In front of a large gathering Sangakkara told Ravi Shastri that the selectors were under a lot of pressure in Sri Lanka and they owed the selectors a lot for having faith in such young squad.

"They always backed us a hundred percent to make the decisions and that really helped us to keep together as a team," Sangakkara told the gathering.

Very rarely do you hear a Sri Lankan player thank the selectors.

I’m sure everyone recalls Atapattu’s muppets headed by a joker fiasco?

In Kumar’s comments one senses change. It appears as though we finally have a group of selectors that the players are actually proud of and are willing to work with.

Kumar Sangakkara

Only time will tell if this selection committee’s mindset is different from those before them. Throwing in new players into a team is nothing new, it’s how long they get to prove themselves thats important.

Sri Lanka has a history of throwing young players in too early and discarding them for years when they fail. I’m hopeful that with a committee that’s willing to listen to the captain, that only good things will happen.

*Image courtesy Sri Lanka Cricket.

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