Sanga is not going to retire from all forms of the game – Sanga’s Manager

Today Daily Mirror, a prominent media in Sri Lanka, published a news article that alleged that Sangakkara is going to quit all forms of the game after the 2015 world cup.

Even though Sanga has already expressed the fact that he will be retiring from ODIs after the 2015 WC, he has said that he will continue playing test cricket.

But the article written by Channaka de Silva says that "Cricket superstar Kumar Sangakkara will officially announce his retirement from all forms of international cricket today…"

Sanga was involved in an interview with CNN, but it is unlikely that he has announced his retirement through CNN.

Early this year, the very same media escalated Sanga's and Mahela's statement about their cricket future, which resulted in SLC taking disciplinary action, which never happened.

Sanga and Mahela when speaking to the media in Dhaka said that they were old and are unlikely to continue playing T20 cricket. But the media misinterpreted it as a retirement announcement.

In the same way, after Sanga featured in the CNN talk show, this media is trying to mislead people into believing it to be a retirement announcement.

But now it is revealed, that Sanga's manager has denied any kind of retirement announcement today.

Certain medias in Sri Lanka have a hidden agenda to execute against Sanga and Mahela and this is one of them. By spreading rumors, these medias are exerting undue pressure on Sanga and are trying to force him into an early retirement, so that the corrupted officials in SLC can continue their corrupted administration without any restraints.

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