Sanga hoping to do a Jayasuriya

When Mahela took over from Marvan as captain and Sangakkara was his deputy, the pair were determined to infuse youth into the side and show the door to the seniors. Mahela was only handed captaincy because Marvan was injured but after Marvan recovered he found it tough to even get a game. Remember the 2007 World Cup?

Jayasuriya too faced similiar issues. He had to use other means to get selected and find his way back into the team and he performed remarkably well in England in 2006 and in the Asia Cup in 2008. With his swashbuckling century, Jayasuriya was a major factor for Sri Lanka’s 2008 Asia Cup final win and he was 39 at the time.

It was apparent to most fans that both Sangakkara and Mahela felt that Marvan (was 37 before being shown the door) and Jayasuriya, who was also close to his 37th birthday around the time he was struggling to find a place in the team (recall the 2006 tour to England), were too old.

But Sangakkara says he hopes to play until the 2015 World Cup. He will be 38.

… I don’t know whether I will get a chance to win a World Cup now. However, assuming I am still playing well enough to be selected, I do believe that we can win the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh in 2014 or the 2015 World Cup in Australia.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Dilshan, Mahela and Sangakkara are hogging three vital batting positions in ODIs and T20s and are preventing youngsters from gaining valuable experience for when they retire, which should ideally be within the next two years — not 2015.

Sri Lanka must allow young players, like India did with Kohli, more opportunities to bat up the order.

Jayasuriya came under a lot of criticism for playing well into his late 30s. Don’t you think if Sangakkara, Dilshan or Mahela take the same path that they too should face the same criticism?

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