Sanga, Champions League T20 and Patriots

PhotoIt is a familiar situation these days that we see wannabe patriots rallying against a cricket player whenever the word IPL comes to the fore. Kumar Sangakkara, a true patriot no doubt, who has time and time again done his very best for Sri Lanka over the past decade or so — on and off the ground —  is under the hammer this time over which team he will play for in the Champions League T20.

First of all, Champions League T20 is a franchise based tournament. Only one such team from a country can be qualified along with four IPL teams. This IS NOT an international tournament, though international players are involved. If this is considered as an international tournament, then it is totally unacceptable to have four teams representing India.

As far as I’m concerned, this is just a club tournament to have fun for fans and earn some money for players and franchise owners alike.

Kandurata team from Sri Lanka is owned by SLC itself which made things debatable. Sanga’s issue could have been resolved solely on business terms had Kandurata team was owned by some businessmen as in other countries.

What is the solution?

If I have any authority on this matter, which I don’t 🙂 – I would ask Sanga to play for Kandurata. Given the experience and firepower available in Kandurata team, there is a high probability that they could reach the semi finals, given that the matches are to be played in spinner-friendly Indian pitches.

So following is the scenario:

• If Sanga makes the call to play for Kandurata, he will lose $140,000 (which is a huge amount in Sri Lankan context).

• Then Kandurata can keep their hopes up, given Sanga’s ballistic form these days to reach semis and will be awarded $500,000.

• Best case scenario would be to win $2.5M by winning the finals. If they reach that far they must compensate Sanga’s $140,000

I personally don’t care which team Sanga represents. I just want to see him batting, especially in his current form, and I consider CLT20 a fun event — not an event to judge patriotism. I don’t care if SLC earns any money or not, as they had their chances to earn big bucks during back-to-back World Cups that they hosted. Instead, crooks at SLC blew all the money leaving SLC bankrupt. So I would prefer if players earn money rather than SLC. This is my opinion and I know plenty will disagree with me, especially those wannabe patriots.

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