Sanga and his retirement plans

The stylish batsman wont play politics, he will just play cricket and will gracefully retire.

Ever since, Kumar Sangakkara made one of the most memorable speeches in cricket history, the general presumption about him is that, he uses his brain, just like his bat. Some batsman prefers to talk with bat only, like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, while some prefers to talk with both, like Sangakkara and Kevin Pietersen.

And once again, sanga has tried to give a direction to every player; by saying that he will probable retire from test cricket after three years. Though, in his last test outing against England, he scored a match saving hundred and is in supreme form in ongoing twenty-20 provincial tournament, he has no doubts about the future. Actually, he seems to have a clear vision- retire, when people ask, why?

And, that’s why, it can be considered as a bold move. After all, we live in the sports era, where a player shows the greedy side of their spirit, in order to play some more time. We have the example of Sanath Jayasuriya, a legend, who made us fool. He is amongst greatest in world cricket, achieved everything and second best is one day cricket, after Sachin. But, he wanted to play. Desire was so fluently, that, he forced selectors to include him to play a twenty-20 against England, in the age of 42 years! Supporters can say it longevity, but people, who loves the game more than any individual, will call it- selfish.

But, sanga is not a selfish. After all, he gave captaincy just after two years in the sake of Sri Lanka cricket. After all, he is the one, who dares to conflicts with SLC, for a bright future of Sri Lanka cricket.

All this indicates that, he understands the values of any sport. And a sport says- leave the game, while you are on top. After a career of 97 tests and 296 one day internationals, sanga knows well, when to call it off. Forget Sanath, Lankans have the example of great Murli. He could easily play for another two or three years. Instead, he chooses to go on a high note. That’s why; even his critics call him “great murli”. Sanga also knows it well. With a test average of more than 55 and 8 double centuries as well, he belongs to all time greats.

And, he wants to leave like a great. That’s why he mentioned about his retirement plans. But, currently, it’s too far. We have some more years to watch a Synonymous of elegant batting.

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