Sanath’s Problem & Why Dimuth is Occupying a Spot in WC Squad to Carry Drinks..!

Sanath's problem is Upul Tharanga. It is very clear. Right from the day he got the sword as a selector, what he basically did was cuttung Upul from almost every squad selected to tour or play at home since 2013 (except for that one-off Odi in india & 3 vs PK). He was not selected even to the squad Vs Eng in that 7 Odi series, despite the ongoing problematic failure at the top & that horrible defeat in India. All he wanted was to keep Upul way from playing any ODIs all along & avoid providing any window of opportunities for him to play up to his potential.  

During that one & half year period SL had played close to 50 Odis & certainly there was no reason to justify why Upul was limited to just 4 Odis here & there, giving him no real chance to settle after laying off for more than a year. Sanath tried everyone without Upul, despite failures after failures.

Also, it was pretty clear why Sanath didn't give Upul even the obvious chance that he earned to tour NZ in the Test Squad in Jan. After being the highest contributor in the previous Series decider Vs PK & scoring productive 306 run at almost 40 Average, from 4 Tests with 92, 45 Vs PK & 86 Vs SA , Upul was ignored again. Otherwise, who would axe a series winning player for the next assignment, immediately after such a success ? Not even a place in the squad .. ? unbelievable!

Sanath didn't want to give even that solitary chance to Upul, because he knew if Upul continued well in NZ & put up big scores in NZ Test Series, then he wont be able to omit Upul Tharanga from NZ Odi squad & eventually from WC squads as planned all along in his agenda. That is the sole reason behind Dimuth's selection to the NZ tour & the nonsense inclusion in the Odi squads to play NZ & WC! It seems, Dimuth was just a pawn used by Sanath to fulfill that personal desire irritating inside his "distorted" mind, as most politicians do. Obviously, the story behind Dimuth's inclusion is this, no other explanation for this long saga!

According to Sanath's latest "Baila" session, now Dimuth is there occupying a spot in WC squad, just to carry drinks to the middle in WC… but Sanath has no problem with it, because it had already served the purpose he intended :))

Only question to be asked from Sanath is what rights he has to eliminate such a proven player like Upul, with a productive track record & enormous experience, for that long, without giving any decent opportunity (or even earned opportunity) to resettle & reclaim his due place?

Sanath thinks that he can continue committing all these misdoings & just say that he takes the responsibility afterwards is enough. He did that repeatedly after the disasters in India, In NZ Tests / Odi Series & he will certainly do the same thing again after this WC! If he admits the fault & take the responsibility, then he should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN from his position rather than just limiting it to words with lame excuses & keep doing the same thing repeatedly, drowning SL Cricket!     

Sanath Jayasuriya should be replaced with his entire selection committee & our "LOCAL" coach Marvan, as soon as the WC is over! This is a must for SL Cricket to go forward.

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