Sanath or Mahela for T20WC 2010?

Recently there are few discussions on whether to play Mahela or Sanath in the opening slot in T20 World Cup 2010 for Sri Lanka.

Kumar Sangakkara, the Sri Lankan skipper doesn’t seem to be worrying since the tournament is yet to open, but Mahela hinted with two breathtaking innings in IPL 2010, that he would be a strong contender for opening the batting in T20’s for Sri Lanka. Also, he commented about his ambition to open the batting: “my style of batting is more suitable for top of the order than the middle order.”

Will Sanga take it seriously and promote Mahela over Sanath?

Sanath is brilliant, but these days he is just a mere shadow of what he used to be. He’s out of touch mainly because of he is getting old, and normally if you’re past the age of 40 you seem to be little unfit.

Sanath’s hand-eye coordination seems to be very poor recently. That’s why his natural shots don’t connect. Sanath is a player who can bat without much of footwork simply because of his great hand-eye coordination. Once he lost it, it’s difficult to play aggressively since his footwork on the crease is not great. I think that’s what happened to him now.

On the other hand Mahela didn’t perform well referring to his test form as a middle order batsman for ODI or T20s. His ODI average will show this quite clearly. But once he tried with the opening slot he always did well in T20s and ODIs as well. IPL 2010 was his best and the two innings he played there were absolutely breathtaking and top class.

The question is, will Sri Lanka rely on past glory of Sanath or take a chance with Mahela’s current form?

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