Sanath Jayasuriya – You cannot be replaced


Sanath Jayasuriya is the greatest cricketer srilanka has ever produced. I’m not afraid to keep him above Murali as a match winner.But ,in the recent years, people blamed him a lot.Yes, he hasn’t retired at the right time. But nobody cant remember what he has done to the srilanka cricket. He has won us many games than anybody else.He has entertained all of us. There was a time,if jayasuriya scored only srilanka won. He handled the batting lineup only by himself. But people forgot those things very easily. They can remember only some mistakes and some failures in his career.

The other thing that the people are blaming is about his involvement in politics.Why are they blaming? If the others can do politics ,why cant he? Its a human right.

He can do what ever he want to do. Others dont have to involve with his decisions.

Sanath you are a legend .Nobody can replace you.

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