Sanath Jayasuriya the politician

Sanath Jayasuriya has had a torrid time of late. It’s not like he didn’t have the opportunity to make a strong statement with the bat and get back into form? He was given plenty of opportunities, but he failed to deliver.

Recently, when Sri Lanka were in India 2009/10, Jayasuriya was pushed down the batting line up to stabilise the middle order. But, in the 4th ODI where Sri Lanka scored over 400 chasing India’s 400 plus total, when all that was required was to rotate the strike and push the singles to take Sri Lanka home. What did he do? He charged Harbhajan Singh down the wicket and was completely foxed and bowled.

Sanath has only himself to blame for squandering his chances of making the World Cup 2011 squad, but we all know where he has continued to point the finger.

Jayasuriya has always stated that he would like to retire after the 2011 World Cup. It however does not look likely based on his performances in 2009.

Struggling to get back into the ODI team, he has now decided to become a politician. Yup, if Sanath wins a seat in the parliamentary elections in April he would become Sri Lanka’s first politician who is also a national sportsman. In other words, a minister playing cricket.

Sanath Jayasuriya
The famous Jayasuriya flick. Photo: Didget78.

Tell me, why would I elect a guy who has other commitments before his duties as a minister? Being a member of parliament is a full time job, is it not?

So the fans are rightfully apprehensive and very annoyed. They feel that this is another stunt by the legendary cricketer to use his relationship with the president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, to get back into the team.

I may be mistaken, but I think this is yet another first for Jayasuriya. The man who holds many world records is probably the first professional sportsman to run for a seat in parliament.

Jayasuriya has always been known to be a risk taking batsman. How else could he have re-invented the 50 over game? So, it appears as though that aspect of his game is also a part of his life. But how will this all end?

Will he win a seat, be elected gloriously into the Sri Lankan parliament, and serve the people while scoring century after century for Sri Lanka? Or has he annoyed his fans and potential voters enough to loose miserably, wiping off all his great achievements from the memory of his most ardent fan? Only time will tell. But honestly, I’m sure even you agree, the chances of the former happening are pretty slim.

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