Sanath, if appointed Chairman of Selectors, will mark death knell of SL cricket

Can there be a worse choice for Sports Minister to make than to appoint Sanath Jayasuriya as Chairman of the selection panel? His team-mates are still playing and he will be out for revenge from Mahela and Kumar.

Sanath was found wanting when he captained Sri Lanka. It is a well known secret that he was instrumental in sacking Marsh as coach and installing Ford who was his coach in domestic tourney in South Africa.

It is also well known that he used political influence to get into the team after being dropped. All fans have lost respect after this incident.

He is known for his lust for money and was eager to play in World Cup but for Kumar and Mahela putting their feet down.

Certainly this marks the death knell of our cricket and proof that politics plays a large part in SL cricket.

I have no hidden agenda as I am a septuagenarian and an expatriate and only interested in future of SL cricket.

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