Right time to get rid of seniors

If top three- Mahela, Sanga and Dilshan can’t win trophies at their backyard, in front of home crowd, then there is no logic to keep playing them in future, at least in twenty-20.

They are the ultimate superstars, not only in Sri Lanka, but in world cricket also. Mahela and Sanga are two of the most successful batsmen of modern cricket. They speak as fluently, as they make runs. Mahela is the only Sri Lankan, having scored more then ten thousand runs in test and one day, while Sanga is about to become second. Dilshan is a flamboyant, plays most attractive shots in world cricket and is a world class fielder and a equally useful bowler.

But, like in other sports, in cricket too, stature looks ugly, if you can’t win for your country, for your supporters. And after fourth straight defeat in world cup finals, every single fan in little island is feeling the same. They are shocked, in disbelief that how their team, filled with super stars, can destroy their hopes so cruelly.

Defeat is a natural thing in sports, but when you lost four out of four, it actually become unnatural, Especially, for those millions supporters, who relentlessly follows their team, their super stars.

That’s why now they want some justifications, from their players. Mahela steped down as a twenty-20 captain, right after the painful defeat, but its not a consolation for a big loss. Question remains that- If top three- Mahela, Sanga and Dilshan can’t win trophies at their backyard, in front of home crowd, then what’s the logic to keep playing them in future, at least in twenty-20.

Status of their career also consolidates this fact. Sanga is 35, Dilshan is almost 36. Their records in twenty-20- strike rates of 120.94 and 123.98 respectively, suggests that, though they are the world class batsmen in other two formats, both they are not quite suitable for the shortest format. Twenty-20 is the game for explosive batsmen, but they can’t hits sixes like Kieren Pollard, Marlon Samules and Shane Watson. Samules can change the game in just one over, as he did in final, but they can’t make that kind of effect. Against Pakistan, Dilshan was helpless, against West Indies, Sanga was dreadful. As their IPL standings shows itself, they are not quite expensively hired players for their franchise team, unlike their own team mates- Angelo Mathews and Thisara Perera- suggest that twenty-20 is indeed a power game.

You can’t say same about Mahela, though. With the strike rate of more then 130 and some of the most innovative shots in his armory, he has smartly transformed himself into a distractive twenty-20 player. Especially, when he opens, even without the brutal power like Chris Gayle and Shane Watson, he is one of the most successful batsman in twenty-20 history.

But, even then, question rises, against him as well. Twenty-20 is a game for young players, and he is well past 35. if Indian Selectors can drop Virender Sehwag frequently, in order to give enough exposure to youngsters like- Rohit Sharma and Manoj Tiwari, Sri Lankan selectors could do the same with Mahela, as well.

Scenario is quite clear. Sri Lanka has lost his fourth straight world cup final, despite the presence of all three heavyweights, so now, there is no logic to depend on them. It’s as simple as that, actually.

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