Rex Clementine owes an Apology for Distorted STATS – his credibility/efficacy as a writer is Questionable?

Report appeared in The Island Sports column on September 18, 2018 under the heading  “World’s most boring cricket team”  gives a really distorted unprofessional picture of whole affair pertaining to the recent Asia Cup debacle, picking the least responsible to be blamed most!
True, SL may have faced the worst defeat in history.

But, instead of finding where we critically went wrong and pinpointing the responsible exact culprits to be blamed; for Fielding lapses, counterproductive leadership strategies, playing XI selections & vital opening spot mess-up repeated in both games, as usual, writer Clementine seems to have taken an extra effort to divert all the dirt to some other players (not so favorites of him such as Kusal Perera, Upul Tharanga) not involved in any of those fielding lapses or deep batting dents!

Without directly blaming the players who dropped those vital catches contributing to the Asia Cup debacle, why is he trying to generalize things and name some other players (like Upul Tharanga or Kusal Perer), who were not involved in any of those fielding lapses in ground fielding or catching?  This was a clear effort to divert the blame to his not so favorites. Is this approach ethical to a veteran sports writer?

The most startling mislead seen in Rex Clementine’s article was again targeting poor Upul Tharanga.

“ In his last 21 innings in international cricket, Tharanga has managed just one half-century.”

How can any credible sports writer publish such blatantly misleading remarks/ impression in a newspaper, against a productive senior SL Player, to damage his hard earned batting achievements and reputation? As seen in numerous occasions, Rex Clementine seems trying hard to conceal the real culprits directly behind the Asia Cupe early exit!  Generating false public opinion based on bogus statistics seems his mode of attack, against an individual player who even topped SL batting averages in just played Asia Cup too, well above the rest of batters as Tharanga did in many series since 2017.!

Asia Cup 2018 SL batting rankings of 6 batters who played both matches:
 1) Tharanga – 32 Av
 2) Mathews – 19 Av
 3) Thisara –    17 Av
 4) MDKJ –      14 Av
 5) DdeS –       12 Av
 6)  KMendis –   00 Av

Here is Upul Tharanga’s last 21 Oneday International Innings Actual Statistics: From Sept 01 , 2017 – to date:

Odi Innings: 21 –  Odi Runs: 702 – Batting Av 37  – Strike Rate: 82   

100+ scores x ONE (unbeaten 112* Vs Pk) –  

50+ scores x Three ( 61 Vs Pk / 95 Vs India / series winning 56 Vs Bangladesh in a final of a triangular series that brought him his 13th MoM award in 2018) .Apart from above 4 x 50+ scores including an unbeaten 112* & a near hundred (95), Tharanga had scored another Couple of near 50 scores ( 48 & 49 vs India) included in his past 21 odi inngs.;filter=advanced;orderby=start;spanmin2=01+Sep+2017;spanval2=span;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

The level of distortion & unprofessional approach is unbelievable .! No writer with any ethics would ever try to tarnish a valuable player's hard earned credentials like this.!

Rex Clementine's Concealed  his Moratuwa boy, Kusal Mendis! He is the one who had labored to scratch JUST 267 RUNS WASTING 22 ODIs, at a horrible  13.35 AVERAGE in batting – 74 SR. since his last 50 scored in June 2017 Vs BD !!!

Isn't he the one who scored consecutive "Double-DUCKS"  to jump start an initial collapse up front, in both vital matches, thanks to our wise decision makers…?;spanmin1=01+Jul+2017;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

Mr. Clementine seems to have somehow SWAPPED the real Culprit's batting stats with Tharanga's.!  He had conveniently  picked Tharanga to blame for the SINS of all his favorites, as seen in many occasions, when they doomed matches!

But not a single word of appreciation or acknowledgement ever seen from him & similar few, even in unique efforts such as ; ie
– When UpulT scored 1000+ at 50av going at 90+ Sr from 25 odis in 2017 becoming just only one of the best 3 topped ODI batting in the world.
– Similarly not a word heard,  when Upul played the match winning unbeaten 50+ in vital final in triangular series played this year in BD winning the series for SL & becoming player of the match in final. 
– When he blasted mighty SA bowlers to score 90 ball 119 @ 32 SR with 11 fours & 7 Sixes to all corners of Capetown, Rex was blind.

Those are only a glimpse of  the long list of achievements during the period. If at least a fraction of it achieved by any among his favorites, his sports column headlines would have been instantly decorated with bold headlines.  

There goes the credibility of ethical writing and unbiased reporting..! Unfortunately, this is a typical example of the collective humbug  criticism tide going on, mostly against poor players blossomed from elsewhere other than the Capital territory! Systematically  Implanting utterly false Opinions &  spreading baseless allegations against them, to blame for debacles caused by others. Especially at hard times when our International Cricket hits the rock bottom with lots of  humiliation, such Scapegoat hunting is the name of this game.     

Needless to say how counterproductive this tide is to our ever loving sport in SL. Media people should no better and they have a bigger responsibility and a role to play in a constructive way. Unlike in the past, with internet accesses to everyone, it is  no longer possible to fool the general public.  

Rex Clementine seems to have gone even further this time by elongating his utterly false, baseless fabrications, demanding Upul Tharanga's head by saying:

" He is a liability on the field. He has been always that and never made an effort to improve…."

His intent is pretty clear from above baseless words, contradicting the truth.! 

When was the last time he dropped a catch? In Asia Cup Series the only catch came Upul's  way was cleanly taken, while rest of most Grassed them one after the other.?

If anyone closely watched the matches in recent times, Upul Tharanga is one SL player who has immensely improved his ground fielding & catching, as seen with his newly developed solid stroke play around the wicket (especially in the leg side, that added an extra value to his batting), making numerous Sixes & Fours to all corners of the park frequently, as we saw in many occasions recently in internationals & domestic cricket. .This was noted by many commentators, in contrary to Rex Clementine's false allegation! 

Here is some solid proof for his Fielding Improvement  saw in recent times:

Upul Tharanga had even equaled a SL FIELDING RECORD by taking the Most Number of Catches in a 5-odi series in 2018:

Tharanga's 2 catches in the final (Triangular series played in BD – 2018) – made him taking a TOTAL of SEVEN (7) x CATCHES in this 5 inning series (2 in in final + 1 in 4th Odi, + 3 in 3rd Odi & 1 in 1st odi). This is the HIGHEST Number of catches taken by a SL fielder in a 5-inning ODI series (Only RS Mahanama had acheived a similar fielding record in 1997, 21 yrs ago)..!!!!

Certainly Mr. Rex Clementine owes an apology to Upul Tharanga, Newspaper Readers and SL general public (cricket fans) for  such misleading distortions to tarnish & ruin the reputation of assertive  players .!

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  1. Rex is absolutely right with
    Rex is absolutely right with his stats. This is his last 21 international records(2017 Dec to to-date)
    12 ODIs played,No hundreds, only one half century scored, highest score is 56, SR is 75. Average of the lord Tharanga is 27.

    9 T20s played, No hundreds no fifties and the average is 23.

    so 12 ODIs and 9 T20s = 21 international matches.

    Even if you take his stats separately they are below par for an 34 year 230 matches played experienced player who has been playing cricket for 12 years. I know those numbers are miraculous,astonished,spectacular or hard earn for Tharanga because he do not have the talent and ability to become better or go beyond this below average limit. so tharanga and you are very well entertained by these numbers but the whole world know who tharanga is and his fielding abilities are, even if you write 1000 blogs or comments on him it will remain the same.

  2. Here we are concerned &
    Here we are concerned & talking about the early exit from Asia Cup. Therefore, naturally any international stats given in that regard is considered to be in the appropriate format (no point talking about T20 stats in an Odi series disaster). Otherwise it can be a deliberate mislead. either way the action of giving a misleading account or impression is considered as distortion.

  3. What is the likely hood of
    What is the likely hood of whacking frequent 50s in t20 format for anyone ? What is the appropriateness of t20 to Asia Cup exit? We are concerned about limited 50 over cricket here. This is utter rubbish, clearly trying to fool people and sling mud on a poor fellow trying his best to pull the dead weight of many other spot grabbers. Rex has to find a better way to cut the throat of Upul. This is the kind of media circus we have in our country. Shame on you.

  4. Rex’s criticism on Tharanga
    Rex’s criticism on Tharanga is absolutely right. As the most senior batsman in the team, forget stats, when did he lead the team to a win? Not in the recent memory. His some high scores were where the team’s win was not a possibility. He has been given enough chances & it is high time to groom a new opening pair.

  5. Cricexp: currently the hot
    Cricexp: currently the hot subject is odi cricket and aren’t we all talking about odis here? Asia cup is an international tournament played for 50 overs (Odis) and what’s the point of considering t20 or test stats to letdown a player who has far better averages than the rest of SL batters even in this tournament?

    Tharanga is still only 33 yrs. why u always add a year to his age? I know u hate Upul, but SL cannot afford to discard the best performed odi front order batter we had for over 2 yrs fighting a lone battle, especially at 33 yrs. He is the fittest batter in the side and at least4 more yrs left in him.

    The simple truth u miss here is a single batter or bowler cannot salvage a team’s gradual downfall due to various other reasons, including non performing batting unit, since cricket is a team sport. No matter how experienced he is and how hard he tried, the outcome cannot be changed without the support of others. This is a fact, even proved during Sanga, MJ, Dilly days. Didn’t we see an early exit from last WC at QF stage, despite Sanga & dilly’s career best efforts. That wasn’t good enough for a side who came to the finals in both previous world cups.

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