Reality Dawns & Jack is Back in the Box after the flash Xmas appeared in almost 1.5 Yrs……!

Yesteryear 20 Averaged, -Third-class- SL Opener had become an extensively overpaid, highly overrated subpar Coach. He was hired by SLC hoping to bring back the glory days for SL cricket. Instead, now it seems this guy has become a real nightmare to SL Cricket (similar to Yahapalanaya regime),. Due to his meritless buddy-pampering fancy & veered inner-mind, catering to his own personal attitudes, SL cricket seems to have started a backward journey. Unfortunately, this worthless Coach seems to be  sinking SL limited over cricket standard day-by-day further down, after the enormous damage already done during the infamous tenure of former player turned politician Jayasuriya, appointed as Chief Selector in the past.

This Coach seems to be paving a similar path to doom the 2019 WC, exactly as SJ did in 2015 with so many illogical selections seemed purely to cater his personal mindset and agendas. .  .     

This Overrated Coach pampering " Super-Duper Wild Heroes"  contributed heavily to register the THIRD straight SERIES DEFEAT (Asia Cup/ ODI & T20 Sries Vs Eng) yesterday. Pet Kusal Mendis has a batting Averages in 20s even after playing 50+ odis for SL, similar to his Godly Coach during his own miserable appearance as an Opener for SL to waste 30+ odis @ 20 Av – 50 SR  in early 90s.!

DUCK FARMING OPENER Kusal Mendis – who was readily Granted 22 Odis without a single 50+ score since Jun 2017 to Scratch 267 runs @ 12 Av – 73 SR – 7 Ducks – up to the Flash Xmas (briefly appeared in last OdI)….. now resumed his usual Gate Opening act in doomed T20 Vs Eng  as well…  apart from letting Eng Opener Roy to enjoy 3 Mighty Lives to merrily make his match winning 69 (36b)..!

Roy merrily thrived on those 3 let-offs provided by the ball grassing superb catching acts in the field & numerous boundary letting miss fielding flops near the rope seen from those  "highly bloated up marvel heroes "..! 

Selectively blind Coach had swiftly cut the throat of the most productive/experienced SL Opener (limiting his chances to a solitary match Vs Eng), despite being the highest run maker for SL in past 2 yrs! He was dumped like garbage after one match, simply because he couldn't score a 50+ for 8 innings since his last 50+ & MoM award… & due to 2nd Duck that he scored in 38 innings, in 22 months!  He had scored heavily for SL, accumulating 1,315 runs from 38 ings, maintaining a 40 AVERAGE @ 87 SR with 2 x 100+ & 7x 50+ & winning 1 MoM award this year as well. Logically speaking, this kind of lopsided policies will never ever serve SL Cricket or any cricket. No need to say the destructive outcome of such highhanded decisions. Double-Standard Mindset of a Worthlessly Screwed Cruel Head is clearly on display 🙂

SIngle-Digit Run making ( 12 Single-digit innings with 7 Ducks from 22 ) & Duck Farming  HEROICS / Crab Clutching Fielding Heroics of those <Coach Inflated >> Gratis Players,  significantly contribute to the latest Odi &  T20 Defeats Vs Eng

These defeats were inevitable, despite the GENUINELY TALENTED 19 yr Debutante Kamindu Mendis' impressive contribution to the team  with 24 runs (14 b) @ 171 SR – 3 x 6 / 1 x 4 – (much better than even useless spot grabbers  Chandimal, DdeS etc).

Debutante youngster Kamindu displayed how to play for the team instead of personal scores in limited over cricket, batting at a tempo appropriate to the format, contrastingly different from the slow & low approach showed by most batters in the side including senior guy Chandimal, who yield a lot of dot balls & limiting their defensive approach to scoring just singles, most of the time.

Their Continuing  Latest HEROICS at a Glance:

Single-digit batting Heroics Continues in T20  as well:   BKG Mendis b Denly 1 run (3b) SR: 33.33

DROPPED! Third life for Roy, all in the space of two overs! Kusal Mendis running in from the cover boundary, but again it went to ground! through his butterfingers :D))

DROPPED! Steepling slog-sweep out towards deep midwicket, it should be a comfortable catch for the substitute fielder, dropped! Steepling
slog-sweep out towards deep midwicket, it should be a comfortable catch for the substitute fielder, Sadeera Samarawickrama, but he spills it like a bar of soap :D))

Roy reverses his stance… and swats it up towards backward point, Kusal Mendis MISSED to take that chance! :D))

NZ is eagerly waiting to Deliver the Next due bout of Humiliation & Whitewashes  with the kind courtesy of our Million Dollar Coach 🙂 …..


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  1. Mr Julius Ceasar, Fight for
    Mr Julius Ceasar, Fight for right, TVP or whatever names you appear in this it does not matter how many blog posts you will write it seems Upul Tharanga career is over until we can remove this pathetic coach Chandika Hathurusighe.

    So my advice for you is to JOIN HANDS WITH ME to Remove our pathetic coach. Who is wasting lot of money without doing anything significant for our national team. We can start from small like starting an online petition against him and make a country wide campaign eventually. This should start right now.

    If we can remove this man then the incoming coach will know the value of Tharanga and eventually he will be included in playing XI. If not it will be GOOD BYE FOR YOUR THARANGA.

    So can u join hands with me to start the campaign. You are the man I will be looking at to start the campaign.

    Can u send me ur contact info to discuss our plan if u agree and like to join !!!!!

  2. Guys my response here is to
    Guys my response here is to acknowledge your enthusiasm to get rid of Mendis and the Coach. I am all for debating solutions for SL and lets assume this is the biggest issue at hand.

    So lets assume you two are able to start a campaign which eventually leads to the Coach being removed. Great, what next? Who is your suggestion? Given the very real issue of finding a coach who will actually work with SLC, surely the starting point is to ensure we have a replacement coach. Else, we know what happens. The coach is sacked and lets say Rumesh Ratnayeke (or take your pick) is appointed as an interim coach resulting in further destabilizing. Have you guys forgotten, we have done this again and again and got no where (i.e. change the coach).

    So lets move to Upul then. So lets bring him in and say lets throw out Mendis. Now lets look to the 2023 WC. Will Upul be there? Probably not but hey may be he will which would make this a great plan. However, if stick with Mendis, he would already have a WC behind him and probably be in a position to deliver in two more WC’s.

    Now finally, one of you were showing this same hatred to another young player not too long ago. That was ironically Kusal Perera who also had a horror start with a string of ducks. But look at him now, after a bit of investment he may actually come good and most importantly the guy is in his mid 20’s and hopefully we can get another 10 years out of him. May be it won’t work but it’s a decent plan for me.

  3. Stormy can u stop please
    Stormy can u stop please commenting on this coach issue. We know Hathurusinghe is a very poor coach who got lot of benefit because BAN started winning due to experience players at the right time when he was the coach.

    When he was appointed I never happy. Coaches like Graham Ford and Nic Pothas are did a very good job compared to this man. Look at WI team who are currently coach by Nic Pothas doing a fine job without any experience players.

    This is a talk me and Mr Julius. Stormy stay away from us.

    Mr. Julius hope you understand this issue and we have to remove Chandika Hathurusighe from the setup first in order to bring Upul Tharanga in to the XI. Otherwise Im sure there will no other way Tharanga to come back into the side again with this pathetic over hyped coach and chairman of selector.

    Waiting for you response Mr. Julius

  4. Graham Ford, Excellent coach
    Graham Ford, Excellent coach but he was removed because we weren’t winning

    Nic Pothas, OK coach but was removed because we weren’t winning

    Hathurusinghe, Excellent coach, again some asking for his removal

    It doesn’t make sense. If we can see something here, its that removing “a” coach (if he’s half decent) isn’t going to change anything. as we have already done that not just once but multiple times giving us the same result.

    Changing Players is not the way as well, We have already done that too. Remember what Sanath was criticized for? Yeah, he played “over 40 players”. We learned that we have to select a group of players and back them. Upul is already in the radar of coach and selectors, that’s why he is in the final 15. We have to remember only 11 players can play the game.

    Players get dropped all the time, Angelo got dropped, I have been a fan of Angelo since he started playing for Sri Lanka, But I also think he needed a break, and he’s not the best captain. Upul doesn’t get the chances of Mendis because Upul has been around for more than 10+ years. Although he has played some magnificent innings, he’s not doing the job a senior, experienced player should be doing.

    “Even though we hate seeing Mendis Open and seeing Mendis gets picked every game only to get out for a duck or 5 runs, We get what the coach is trying to do, Sometimes we have to believe in the youngster, Invest in him now and hope he delivers in the future, of course, a gamble, but we have to back a talented player”

    I feel this is something personal for both of you, or just not open-minded. Either way, I wrote this for others like you to see this in a different angle, not just with negativity.

  5. 19 year old debutante Kamindu
    19 year old debutante Kamindu Mendis proved the fact that truly skillful and naturally talented players don’t need endlessly gifted chances (at the cost of repeated series LOSSES for SL), to prove their worthiness & talent…. as seen with useless but highly overrated failures like; Kusal Mendis (50+ odis- Av in 20s),Sadeera Samarawickrema (6 ing @ 22 av), Kusal Perera (80+ odis Av in 20s), Dhanjaya de Silva (25+ Odis Av in 20s), Dhanushka Gunathilake (30+ odis av 30).

    Like Kamindu,the most productive current Odi top order guy who scored
    1,300+ runs @ 40 Av since 2017 with 2 x 100 & 7 x 50s /but discarded Opener Upul Tharanga (to slot in those stamped failures) showed his true class & skillful productiveness right from the beginning of his career.

    From the Initial stage of his career @ 20 yrs Upul showed his class & natural abilities, becoming the Quickest SL batter to score 1,000 runs in 28 innings with 5 x 100 & 3 x 50 & became the Quickest SL batter to top 4,000 runs in 119 ings & 2nd quickest SL batter to score 5,000 runs before virtually halting his career for 3+ y @ 28 yrs.!

    Since Kamindu is an all rounder blossomed from out of Colombo school , I wonder how long he would be allowed to continue his bright future under this lopsided current regime. .?

  6. Don’t worry upul tharanga
    Don’t worry upul tharanga will play. He need to play. That’s what I want to see. Now the things is he need to win matches(almost every match) WHY? because he is playing for 15 years in the NATIONAL TEAM for VEERRRRRYYYYY long time. He need to be the best opener in the WORLD because he is the most experience opener in international cricket in all countries (now this GUINNESS RECORD YOU DIDNT NOTICE BUT I NOTICE IT). if he fails to win from the FIRST match from here on upul tharanga cricket is OVER. playing for 15 years couldn’t win a match. How long he needs to play another 20 years to win matches? . This goes to every cricketer not only upul tharanga. Kusal mendis is not going to play the world cup. He will be a easy bonus wicket all the time a major lbw candidate.kusal mendis is done. It will take a long time to come back to the team. This will be good for both Sri Lanka cricket and Kusal will give him time to refresh his skills and technique and come back to the team strongly.

  7. If not let upul tharanga
    If not let upul tharanga play, kusal mendis play all the time even till they die. Say what ever the excuse they want. But only after changing the team name from Sri Lanka to whatever. Don’t represent our country.

  8. This coach Hathrusinghe needs
    This coach Hathrusinghe needs to be kicked out like the Yahapalana curse ruined the whole country. Sooner the better for SL cricket.!!!!

  9. according to this coach, his
    according to this coach, his dearest buddies like Kusal Mendis will need another 50 odi chances on top of 50+ already played to show his colors..

    Truly talented young Wadda..s (resourceful guys) like Kamindu & most assertive proven senior pros like Upul can stay away from the seen until such time those ever spoon-feeding city crawlers like Kusal Mendis, Chandimal, Dhanajaya, Danushka etc can stand up on their own (if ever capable to do it) after killing series after series until the year 2025 or beyond.!

    this is their dear Angel God Father Hathurusinghe’s vision & mission…. HOooooooooo!

  10. Hathurusinghe’s Class-act
    Hathurusinghe’s Class-act will seal all limited over series in favor of the opponents up to the WC & beyond… if stays that long as the SL’s Crazy Coach without grey matter inside his big head. LoL

  11. @-The90s on October 28, 2018
    @-The90s on October 28, 2018 – 12:38.#4

    You have said…..”Although he has played some magnificent innings, he’s not doing the job a senior, experienced player should be doing”

    Are you trying to justify this kind of chances given to a total failure like K Mendis (apart from Chandimal) who was a significant cause of all those Odi series losses continuously suffered over past 22 months (Mendis: 36 Odis – 812 runs @ 23 Av with 16 x single digit scores (less than 5 runs) including 7 x DUCKS.! over the MOST Productive ODI run maker for SL, Upul (37 Odis- 1,315 runs @ 41 Av – 87 SR)..???

    So don’t you realize how Naive to expect one man to pull the games (in a team sport) for SL, when the rest are sleeping? This is a typical example of missing the exact point elaborated here in this blog… may be due to low IQ level to comprehend it.

    Obviously, You cannot blame the guy who made 1,300+ runs @ 40 Average maintaining an almost 90 SR – for the 16/20 series losses, then how can you blame him for not wining more than 4/20? Any Impact player (batter) never succeeded without the support of some others in 50 over format. Not even World’s best batters like Bradman , Lara, Sanga or Virat Kohli couldn’t do that.. !!!

    So it cannot be any different for this guy Upul, no matter how experienced he is, isn’t it?

    So expecting him to win matches or blame him for not winning, despite the total disarray in SL batting unit full of failures, who were unable to survive even 50 overs is an idiotic expectation.

    just BECAUSE HE HAS 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE do you expect him to do miracles that no one else with even much more experience could not materialize in history?

    In 2015 WC – we had Sanga (ranked No2 in that WC batting) putting out his career best stint scoring 541 runs @ 108 Av – 106 SR with 4 X 100 & Dilshan (ranked no7)making his career best stint, scoring 395 @ 66 Av – 97 SR with 2 x 100 & a 50…. yet could we go beyond QF stage ? WHY we missed that???

    Do you blame those 2 most experienced guys in the world at that time for that debacle?

    Likewise,I’ll give you a few examples of how SL doomed in past matches, despite the lone-ranger UT single handedly attempted to win with exceptional innings until the end, but the rest crumbled before the end leaving Upul stranded without partners & how SL won vital matches when others supported Upul to pull wins:

    – This year’s Triangular Success in BD final was not a deck to whack idiotically. Opener Tharanga deservedly won his 13th MoM award for his hard-earned half-ton (56 with 5×4) made to anchor SL inning. He was involved in building all 3 vital stands (UT-Mendis= 34 runs -2nd wkt / UT – ND = 71 runs -3rd wkt/ UT- Chandi = 45 runs- 4th wkt) that assured SL a defendable 221 runs total on the board & won the series.

    – 2 consecutive 50+ Opening stands came at 6+ RPO inside PP overs Upul having Dickka (after their success in SA in 2017 for putting up similar stands) as partner Vs SA in previous series to pave the launching pad to thrive for others to make 300+ stands to win last 2 odis. But for next series in Asia Cup it was disrupted again to put KM to make 1st over double ducks upfront! So do you expect Upul to carry all the burden alone when rest of all crushed averaging only 15? If that 2nd wkt stand of 50+ UT/DdeS was trying to carry forward wasn’t ended with an unfortunate run out, the things could have been different & in form KJP’s early exit also fell on Upul without leaving real hope or support to salvage the dent, having a half fit Mathews on the other end.

    – Just look at the humiliating Zmb odi series defeat suffered at home. Upul was pushed to No 4 & he got stranded without partners & ended up with 3 consecutive unbeaten innings of 75*, 79*, 45*, while so many dot balls were seen during PP overs against below par bowling by the openers reflected from their SR. Same thing happened in 2016 Odi series in Eng as well, sending UT to bat @ No7(stranded with unbeaten 53* & 40 going at 120+ SR, while Chandimal wasted 86 balls at No4 – 60 SR).

    No matter what grumpy-stumpys say, I always fight against gross discrimination. I see Upul as the biggest scapegoat today in SL cricket arena, who gets the ultimate blame for the sins of others as seen with the guy mentioned above. So I continue to support him revealing the naked truth that some people (including a few lopsided media men) trying to push under the carpet with all sorts of fabricated negativity, distant from the truth.

    Just read my previous blog on the subject: 11 – X = ???????????????

    KUSAL MENDIS HAD ALREADY PLAYED ALMOST (52 ODI ings) 1/4 OF UPUL THARANGA’s CAREER INNINGS (220 ODI ings)on COMPLIMENTARY GRATIS TICKETS PROVIDED TO HIM, but yet pathetically Averaging 27 & had scored just a solitary Hundred compared to 15 x Hundred pluses by Upul.

    When Upul was in similar stage of his career at 53 ings he had scored nearly 500 more runs & scored 6 x 100s maintaining 34 Av compared to this highly overrated & bloated up batter Kusal Mendis. Even potential-vise the abilities are worlds apart.!

  13. AS some Fools like @ STORMY
    AS some Fools like @ STORMY think & still trying to justify the endless chances given to some bunnies to sink every series, if you have the true skills & abilities to become a productive player, no one needs this kind of pampering to provide unlimited 50+ chances expecting them to bloom (K Mendis, KJP, Thirimanne, Chandimal, DedS, Dhanushka etc).




    19 yr old Kamindu proved that as debutante displaying his potential with an inning beneficial to the team, teaching a lesson & bringing shame to much hyped useless crawlers always playing for their own survival like senior man Chandimal, Kusal Mendis, Dhanjaya de Silva occupying undeserved/ unearned spots with the courtesy of the good foe nothing coach.

  14. @ The90s –
    No I haven’t

    @ The90s –

    No I haven’t misunderstood. You are the one who is missing the point here. The things are not so Rosy as you assume & there are so many misdoings going on as most vigilantly watching people have noticed. It is very easy to hoodwink the gullible superficial followers like you, who thinks no one is above the game. But my friend, that is not valid for SL’s double-game maniacs 😛


    It is so HILARIOUS to note that you are talking about the need of being UNBIASED towards any player or Official. Oh boy.. do you think even a hint of such qualities prevailing in responsible Cricket navigators? LoL

    Pinpointing the clear misdoings of such culprits with SOLIDLY UNDENIABLE FACTS is COMPLETELY different from baseless superficial views or allegations,like yours! Rather than posting hollow words with no basis, come with some hard evidence like stats to prove me wrong!

    If we need to see SL doing well, first we must stop the dirty acts of unethical injustice done by most decision makers (Local Coach, selectors etc), abusing their power in SL Cricket, especially in lopsidedly merit less selections. FYI, They have always committed grave misdoings for reasons unrelated to Cricket, purely based on their personal mindsets, even at the cost of demolishing WC hopes as seen 2015 by SJ.!

    First read my blog articles based on solidly proven facts, such as:

    1) Double-standard AX needs JUST ONE 8 Ings LAPSE between 50+scores in 38 ODIs since Jan 2017- VICIOUS.!!!

    2) Kusal Mendis Granted 22 Odi ing LAPSE without 50+ score since Jun 2017 to Scratch 267@ 12 Av – 73 SR – 7 Ducks.!

    3) 11 – X = ?????

    and then come up with some valid view, if any appropriate to the point being discussed over unjustly, merit-less selections of the Coach/Skipper & double standard unethical treatment rendered to the most productive top order batter who maintained 40 Av & near 90 SR over 2 years to date.!

  15. @The90s @@@ <--- you are
    @The90s @@@ <--- you are wrong here to assume the SL Coach is a pure saint among the pool of rotten culprits killing the sport with lethal bouts of misdoings. Upul Tharanga's career seems prematurely ended by the dirty Local Coach catering purely according to his personal vendettas & jealousies ... picking the 1st instance in 2+ years of Upul's 8 innings lapse without scoring a 50+ since his last match winning inning in BD this year, to slot in worst failure Kusal Mendis Mendis (career average in 20s even after 50+ ODIs) despite his past 24 inning series demolished lapse going at 12 AVERAGE since the last 50 score came in 2017 June. AXED THARANGA's innings in 2018 : 39*, 56 ,10 , 9 ,19, 36, 19 ,27 ,36 ,0 (he also made a 95 & 49 in India in Dec 2017). This lean patch of 8 ings is enough to cut the throat of a batter who was among the World's TOP 3 Odi batters in previous 12 months scoring 1k+ runs @ near 50 Av & 90+ SR for SL.! HOW IS THAT ??? 😛 Currently Do we have any batter even remotely closer to REPLACE THIS GUY THARANGA in performance wise in ODIs? His exposure was cut short to ONE match in last Odi series at a time his NEXT BIG SCORE of 50+ was Guaranteed to come soon as repeatedly proved in his past 24 month record, taking just 0 -7 ings between his 50+ scores including hundreds.! Probably it could have come in next 3 Odis Vs Eng if let UT to play, saving or winning the series as well.! But the dirty Coach parachuted Mendis from nowhere... even rejected by the selectors to the original squad, to continue his Duck act to assure the 3rd consecutive series loss for SL with the solitary t20 match loss as with Mendis' 3 hat trick Ducks in consecutive innings to doom Asia Cup & Eng seines. Only a total dummy, blind to the real happenings would endorse this ongoing criminal acts (that cannot justify on any solid factual basis) as clean. So don't naively expect that the most productive & fittest top order batter in SL today - UT (1,300+ runs @ 40 Av - 88 SR in past 2 yrs) - will be ever selected to any future squad at least until WC or as long as this off-headed Coach (20 av worst ODI opener ever produced by SL in 1990s) screws current SL limited over Cricket, according to his miserable past & bitter mindset.! Upul's career is abruptly ended by this coach. Don't compare Mathews scenario with this. Mathews was ultimately dropped due to his open conflict with this coach. Anyhow in reality, his extremely poor psychical fitness should have prevented him from selections before the Asia Cup debacle. But already he is back in the test squad & will be selected again in odis as well as usual with the city-centered influence he has, despite lacking the fitness required to play. The problem here is Stick to the current form policy shouldn't be DOUBLE STANDARD, BIASED Axing, especially for the best performed guy over past 22 months since 2017 with wide experience playing all over the world & impressive credentials to prove his worth in global tournaments.! Such highly unethical axing shouldn't be based on JUST 8 INNINGS since his last 50+ & MoM award for the most productive guy in the side (UT). He had scored 1,315 runs, maintaining a 40 AVERAGE - 87 SR with 2 x100+ & 7x 50+ winning 1 Mom award this year as well since Jan 2017 & the leading run maker of the side over past couple of years.! WHO WOULD DUMP SUCH A BATTER from a side at a time like this facing a WC in a few Months.??? NO MATTER HOW ANYONE (Coach/Skipper) TRY TO INTERPRET THIS...GIVING LAME EXCUSES, THIS IS A PURE ACT of MALICE at the cost of WC hopes & SL Cricket & THAT TRUTH REMAINS.! Especially to accommodate a long time failure like K MENDIS (54 ODIs & career Av in 20s).... who's LEAN PERIOD & So called STICK TO THE CURRENT FORM POLICY was allowed to extend over TWENTY FOUR 24 ODIs & 16 months since his last 50 to yield a dismal 271 runs including 6 Ducks for SL at astonishingly LOW 12.36 AVERAGE & 72 SR! Compare the stats since 2017 Jan to find the incomparably and vast difference between the maintained performances of these two players since Jan 2017, before talking about unbiased equal treatment to every player & preaching that no one is above the game.! - THARANGA: 38 ings - 1,315 runs @ 40 Av- 87 SR –2 x100+ /7 x 50+ (1 Mom award) - K MENDIS: 35 ings – 761 runs @ 22 Av -80 SR - 1 x 100 / 4 x 50+ (1 Mom award) So WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? Where on earth a such an experienced pro's place was compromised despite being the leading run machine in a hopelessly malfunctioning batting unit...? ...just to accommodate the worst failure of all & try out some other new guys within few months to the most important World Cup? Unless more interested in catering to their inner-mind malice thoughts... at the cost of loosing each series like this up to the WC by accommodating Kusal Mendis?? Unbelievable Logic! Even without considering the above fact & UT's mountain of overall career credentials as a batsman... GOING BY just the overall Stick to the current form policy... still * 8 innings Vs 24 innings * is a clear violation of any policy, (if any such policy in place at all..?)! The bottom line is; No Team would Remove their TOP Run Maker during past 2 yrs, beside his proven record in World Tournaments holding the 10th best ranking for big score making.. just because he couldn't make a 50+ in 8 innings! No matter how we look at it....WORLD'S APART OVERALL DISPARITY IN TREATMENT IS TOO OBVIOUS!

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