Politicization of Cricket in Sri Lanka

The Rajapakse "modus operandi" seems to be to identify all sources of money in the country and get their dirty hands on it. Since cricket is one of biggest sources of money, it has been an obvious choice.

I presume it was only the threat of possible removal of hosting rights of the World Cup that kept even a semblance of "decency" on things and a few respected individuals like Ajit Jayasekera (deputy CEO) were kept in place. Ajit, who should have been confirmed as CEO and retained for another three years has been sent home.

Now there is no need even for the ham handed subtleties that these people display. SO Mendis the most corrupt of them all is back as the chief selector. This means the total politicization of selections and this also confirms the methods adopted by Rajapakse (eg: appoint someone with skeletons in their cupboards so that all decisions can be influenced by blackmail).

Have a look around you and check out the top politically appointed officials, anywhere in Sri Lanka! In fact, those officials should be aware!

Next there will be "elections" of the Rajapakse kind held. The winner being pre- determined and a card carrying member of the clan. However, as with most schemes dreamed up by people with limited intelligence, there is little innovation and predictability takes over.

I sincerely hope the ICC is ready for these guys and if so the UNTHINKABLE may happen!

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