[Podcast] – Armchair Critics – 1st Finals review + Indian fans

We bust out the good stuff for a full on review about the 1st Final. That is until the topic of Chandimal comes up and no one wants to pick up the question.

Indika is still ‘studying’ so we’ve got Andrew back due to popular demand from his Mrs and Dilz – A journo from SL.

Part 2 and we talk more about the middle order and Thirimanne and we then shift focus for an indept , 60 mins like, segment on Indian fans

Sorry it went a bit long this time guys. We promise to be more efficient next time. And it sounds like one of us has lung cancer so we might get that checked out.

The Armchair Critics
Damith ( and on Cricinfo Here).
Indika (AWOL).
Andrew Fernando, who writes for The Pigeon and has a column here. Check him out on Cricinfo here.
Dilz (Journo, Food Consumer/Critic).

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