IS this been the hardest ever time period to Sri Lanka cricket most of the times it may be a yes. Now what does we blame Ostin, Sana, Sumathi, Mathews, Dayasiri, Pothas or some one else?? Nevertheless cricket board doesnt matter what fans were talking about but the point is they even dont know what they were talking about after the Fords exit we saw that Sumathipala said that Mahela is still lack of experience and he is searching some one like stephen fleming, scott styries or Tom moody but in the most recent conferrence he is pointing pothas is a good candidate to the position yes pothas might be dont know how much i could agreed when just after the champions trophy selections Srilankas cricket board publish a special note that Sanath would be no more Srilankas chief selector because of his disiplinary errors but what does indeed it matters for international duty but of course Sanaths position would be held after the critisism by Sports minster Dayasiri who critizised the team with poor fielding which occurs due to bad physical fitness.but it never happens instead Malinga take the shot and reply to minister and social media most probably helped out malinga and some stands for Dayasiri but only thing i saw with all the mess up Angis poor captain qualities where he never helped out or backed up Malinga instead he was commenting on other areas while giving a sense of backup for the minister. How you could win without a good relationship with your own team. After all and all what happened was Malingas attitude loss for the team and minister still convinved about the same selecting staff & srilanka cricket is sinking. After all the talkings gone there came a man called ostin who called out the manager of most of the srilankan cricketers what only my mind about him is why he would manage our 20 players as most of them where not participating any world event but only the domestic and national team also what happened in the last overs in 3rd &4th odi in zim tour also grasp my eyes course who the hell use sandakan type of sprinner in the death or in cruical times when he was expensive is it some thing like tossing a coin for a luck by chance. There is many more aspects to go but finally i would like to remember what had Arjuna said all in all he said truth but in political aspect what he had done in the past and his now reaction would tell a story that he is not a rigid capable man to do as past he is a failure course if you backed up the certain peoples and took a post but still he could unable to be the sport minister or board president where his first choice gone wrong and worse how can we believe him any more. After all no more cricket in my heart untill the problems solved and players play to their spirit to the nation and the ones like vikum sanjay sadeera pushpakumara roshen silvas where selected to the side and team played to their potentials other than that no use to talk about cricket anymore just waste of time

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