Petition: Save SLC from falling into the wrong hands, again!

Sri Lanka cricket is currently at a crossroads and in desperate need of support from fans. For over five years, cricket in Sri Lanka had been run by individuals who were politically installed in those positions. Every election held at SLC during this period had been manipulated so much so that the top posts were won uncontested! These administrators are accused of spending almost all of the revenue generated by SLC on initiatives that were aimed at satisfying their political influences (and themselves) than towards the development of cricket.

Cricket administrators have always been entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the wellbeing of Cricket! However, administrators of the past five years have certainly demonstrated that they have had other goals and objectives and not the best interest of cricket. Explaining the investment of massive funds to build a cricket stadium in Hambantota, a high-profile executive once said "The benefit [of these new stadiums] comes really to the nation, not to Sri Lanka Cricket."

If it was part of a long term strategy that was blessed by all stakeholders, then fans certainly were not aware of a SLC initiative to invest its revenue towards the development of the country’s economy. Fans surely aren't familiar with any other national cricket board investing their resources towards the development of the country’s economy as the primary objective and not development of cricket. The primary objective of investing SLC funds should always be the development of cricket! Through that, it is expected that there will naturally be a positive financial impact to the local economy. The investment of massive funds to build a stadium in Hambantota has served no purpose for SLC nor seems to have any positive impact on the local economy. If this is not bad enough, the past administrators also handled these investments of fund with little or no transparency or accountability.

There are many allegations of corruption and wrong doing directed at the administrators of the past five years. Failed SLPL, questionable business deals including the infamous CNS deal, investigations in to accused fraud being disrupted by mysterious disappearances of assets within SLC and even sex scandals have tarnished any credibility of these administrators. The SLC election process has been so manipulated that only a few masterminds can even think of winning the votes of ‘heavily influenced’ members.

It was under these circumstances that the next SLC elections were to be held. Sri Lanka’s cricket was at the risk falling in to the hands of a group of administrators accused of many allegations of corruption. Under the blessings of the new president of the country, the sports minister Navin Dissanayake was obligated to ensure good governance prevailed within SLC. Allowing for elections to go ahead and risking further damage to the sport was not an option. Given all of the challenges and with Sri Lanka’s cricket’s best interest at heart, the minister was left with no option but to appoint an interim committee.

The ICC has rightfully asked for clarification on the current circumstances that led to the appointment of an interim committee. Recent events and decisions by ICC seem to suggest that they have responded favorably. As cricket loving fans, it is also our duty to continue to support the initiatives of the interim committee: sign the petition urging the ICC to continue to support and work with SLC to help restore the wellbeing of our sport and its future!

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