Pathetic rumours bad for SL cricket!


It was only yesterday that i went to a friends house and they were discussing the world cup final. The theories they came up with were unbelievable. For instance the president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse, had gone to Dubai and had placed a bet against the Lankans in the final, if that was the case why was it that he went to the famous Thurupathi temple and had asked blessings from the gods to help our boys to win. I  mean really do people really believe this bullshit!?!?!

Another theory was that Murali gave the match away because his wife is Indian… FOR GOODNESS SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR PEOPLE?
Can they not accept that India was the better side? Can they not accept that this was not our day? That we did not have lady luck on our side? that our fielding and bowling and batting was not as good as theirs? 

Sri lankans are known for their hospitality and their kindness so why is it our people are acting in a stupid manner? Yes politics does play part in our cricket but then look at the BCCI, its not like they don’t have politics in their cricket and should people be reminded of the Stanford fiasco for the ECB and Kerry Packer.
The truth is that politics plays a part in cricket in Sri Lanka because our idiotic fans (which is a minority of idiots spreading rumors), AFFILIATE POLITICS IN CRICKET. 

i was looking into the daily mirror website the other day and checking the sports section when i saw that people thought the board was controlling the players. Well isn’t that a function of any sports body because they do have to control them otherwise they can do whatever they want. I am also a firm believer that the nation comes first, so i back this proposal by the SLC and when i saw Sanga’s endorsement and how they will have to follow the SLC’s decision people at the Daily Mirror (a predominantly UNP paper) was blaming the sports minister.

It has come to point that as I am writing these words, the fury inside me builds up more and more and i go back to my previous point. The SL fans affiliate cricket to politics and that in turn has actually brought politics into cricket. I do agree that cricket and sports should be looked after an independent body and i also agree that D.S. De Silva is useless; thanks to them we are in debt of $23 million after the world cup. 

But stop the stupid rumors about the final we lost. Get over it. They were the better team on that day and that is that.

i hope this article can shed some light on some of the few mundane brains that start these nonsensical rumors because I, along with the majority of Sri Lankans are true patriots and it hurts me to see our own people hurting not only us but our heroes who work day and night trying bring glory to this paradise. So i urge all SL cricket fans, TO THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND HOW THOSE WORDS WILL IMPACT NOT ONLY THOSE AROUND YOU BUT YOUR HEROES AS WELL.

Jaya weva Sri Lanka’s Lions!

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