Pakistan v SL, 2nd Test, Day 2

Sri Lanka

Oh-oh. You always wondered how SL would handle the game when Pakistan finally remembered how to play cricket. Needless to say they did not handle it too well.

When you bowl out a team for 90 on day 1, you shouldn’t really be 27 behind when day 2 ends. And that is exactly where SL finds themselves now.

The batting was rubbish. King Kumar’s 87 was the only innings that made sense. And it would seem he is the only one who is taking his own words to heart. At the end of the first test he asked the batting to step up. They have gone no where.

I would hate to be Angelo Matthews right now. Each time he comes out to bat the rest of the top order don’t seem interested in sticking around. And in the end he gets out on 20s and 30s when the man can clearly do a lot more.

SL needs to wake up and smell the Pakistanis cuz they are back. Of course they could be gone tomorrow but there no point in taking any chances.

Kulesekara. Average.

Mendis. Rubbish.

Thushara. Meh.

Herath. Okaish.

Sangakkara’s captaincy was ridiculous. SL still had a lead of around 60 when the first wicket went down. But he didn’t attack the new man. No close in fielders, massive single providing gaps on the leg side and for a while you had to literally remind your self its not Mahela at the helm.


Booya. It had to happen. Pakistan were always going to pull a Pakistan when you least expected it. Which means that we were expecting it.

Gul finally arrived. And how. His delivery to Sangakkara was a peach. He was quick and relatively accurate and got a little movement. Which is all he needed in the end.

I didn’t think too much of Ajmal in the first test. I still don’t but he did what Pakistan needed of him today and that was to support Gul. Picking up Dilshan, Jayawardene and Mathews can’t mean you bowled too badly though.

Pakistan batted steadily with the help of Sangakkara. Alam played a gritty innings and was smart enough to bat outside leg to compensate for his massive movements before hitting the ball. It still looks pretty ugly and looks like he is one in swinger from being back in the pavilion but lucky for him SL had no intention of doing that.

Younus, survived Mathews. So he must be a happy man.

Balls of the day

Alam gets this one easily. A century on debut is always a great achievement. I still don’t think he needs to move around so much before playing a shot. It looks ungainly and will probably be found out by better bowlers.

But today he was good when Pakistan needed it. Cant argue with that.

Play of the day

The umpires losing the ball at the start of play. Never seen that one before. Well doneTaufel and Harper.

Ps-OMG can we stop it with the cuts to advertisements and slogans on the ground whenever a commentator says something. It is annoying and stupid.

Instead show what Shoaib Malik is doing at all times. Like when we saw him reading the funday times (a kids newspaper for like 6 yr olds).

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