Pakistan must stop asking people to come there

Upon winning the Twenty20 World Cup in England, Younus Khan the skipper of the Pakistani cricket team has asked teams to visit Pakistan.

"I am requesting to all countries to come to Pakistan. Everybody knows law and order is not good but it is not our fault. Especially for youngsters, we need home series because there is no cricket in Pakistan. How can we motivate the youngsters, especially at school level and college level? I think this will be helping us build a new structure in Pakistan for our future," Younus said to the media at the post match press briefing.

One recalls during the first test match against Sri Lanka, on that fateful tour, where the Sri Lankans were targeted by terrorist in Pakistan. Ramiz Raja went on the air asking people to visit the country.

He praised the Sri Lankans for coming when the Australians deemed the nation unsafe. Just a few days later the Sri Lankan team bus was attacked. Ajantha Mendis had 17 stitches. Thilan Samaraweera went through several rounds of surgery.

Just because they survived one shouldn’t think all is well. The players suffered considerably and only survived due to sheer luck.

To Sri Lanka’s credit they have been very gracious in forgiving the Pakistanis. They took their words guaranteeing their safety, and toured their nation to assist their cricket.

In return they were shot at and almost paid the ultimate price. Pakistan and it’s players were in the hotel room. Seven minutes late. Younus Khan has not once gone on record as an honourable man and explained why the Pakistani team did not leave at the same time as the Sri Lankans?

No mention of these events have been made. It was all swept under the carpet.

We listened to Ramiz Raja proclaim proudly "Come to Pakistan. It’s safe." So we went. We were shot at, and our hosts were missing. Where were the Pakistanis? Where was the VIP security?

Still with these questions unanswered, Younus Khan has the audacity to ask people to visit Pakistan.

It’s not going down too well with me as you can see.

Don’t call people to your home when you know there is clear and present danger to their lives? Don’t be a selfish nation that wants people to keep helping when you know you have no means to protect them.

It is true, Pakistan cricket is not responsible for what has happened. But they shouldn’t expect people to come, nor should they encourage anyone to visit.

Even through 30 years of civil war Sri Lanka Cricket has protected it’s guest even more than they would, a minister. We all watched the videos where unarmed Pakistani police escorts played dead to save their own lives. Clearly the security on offer to the Sri Lankans was terrible.

You messed up, now take ownership and don’t expect any sympathy. No one will come to Pakistan unless you clean it up. No one wants to be target practice for Islamic extremists.


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  1. lol, you’re just mad coz we
    lol, you’re just mad coz we lost! 😛

    but honestly, while the security provided was deplorable, such unexpected things do happen… and I don’t think anyone in their right minds will visit Pakistan right now…

  2. There is nothing wrong in
    There is nothing wrong in what Merlin is saying in my opinion. Nothing to do with t20 world cup but a different issue altogether. Sri Lanka wont be going to Pakistan for a LOOONG time. I know that for sure.

  3. @Anonymous (not verified on
    @Anonymous (not verified on June 23 -14-34)

    Merlin’s not mad because "we lost".

    He had exactly the same views about the dangers our players faced in Pakistan since the day of the attack.

    Lot more players than Mendis and Samaraweera were injured. . Players and support staff still carry physical and psychological scars from the attack. Their families were put though hell.

    I agree with Merlin, it is a selfish thing to do.

    He could’ve chosen this moment to publicly apologies to players and their families, instead of trying to put more international Cricketers in danger.

  4. Yeah but when Australians did
    Yeah but when Australians did not want to visit Sri Lanka caus of the securtity situation, Pakistan came. The war against Tamil Tigers would not have won without Pakistan’s professional army. As one Australian said, " Why visit the island of dark ugly monkey" We should not forget who are real friends are!

    • I do not think we have
      I do not think we have forgotten who our real friends are and that is exactly why we went to pakistan when no other country wanted to have anything to do with them. and because we are good friends with pakistan we forgave them for what happened to our cricket team. if any other cricket team was in the same situation our team was in do you think they would have let pakistan off so lightly? i don’t think so.. very well written article mate..
      keep it up

    • Billy,
      When Pakistan came to


      When Pakistan came to Sri Lanka they were given the security they required. When Sri Lanka came there under the same circumstances you failed.

      That is the point.

      Also the Pakistani Army did not contribute as greatly as you think to the defeat on the tigers. This is yet another theory like "RAW was involved in Lahore attacks"..

      Not trying to upset you. Just putting it all out there.

  5. I think that even if the
    I think that even if the security the team got was a bit light, I still think that people should take a bit of respect, because some men died trying to do their job.

    They gave their lives so that members of the team, and the officials came away with a varying degree of injuries and not anything more. I mean, yeah that umpire was in a critical condition, and Samaraweera and Paranavithana were the most seriously hit out of our team, but they could have died.

    The bus driver played a very big part in that, but people should note the difference between criticizing the amount of security given by the authorities, and criticizing the security forces themselves.

    I don’t mean that Merlin is disrespecting those who died, but I thought in the aftermath of that, I do feel that people did…

  6. I was disaoppointed by
    I was disaoppointed by Younus’ request. It’s as though he doesn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation or he thinks the risk to peoples’ lives is an acceptable price for reviving the state of Pakistani cricket. It must be easy when cricket is your life to lose perspective, but it is not important enough to ask teams to tour there and be attacked by fanatics.

  7. Pakistan tennis wants foreign
    Pakistan tennis wants foreign teams to tour

    Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) president Dilawar Abbas Friday said he will raise the issue of foreign teams not visiting the embattled country at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) annual general meeting that begins at Madrid from July 15-17.

    ‘It is very important for our tennis that foreign teams come to Pakistan for Davis Cups and other international tournaments,’ Dilawar told ‘The News’.

    ‘I will certainly be raising this issue at the annual ITF meetings in Madrid,’ added Dilawar, who is also a vice-president of the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF).

    Tennis, which is struggling to get a due recognition in Pakistan, received major setback earlier this year, when two of the country’s Davis Cup ties were relocated from Lahore because of security reasons.

    The London-based ITF first moved Pakistan’s Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group-I match against Oman from Lahore to Muscat. Pakistan protested against the move but the ITF decided against it. The tie was played in Muscat, where the Pakistanis won it 4-1.

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