ODI vs England -Prediction – If England bat first , If Sri Lanka Bat first

Complete ODI series will be like this. We can predict easily.
 Lets say day and night match.
If England bat first

  • If One from top 3 will score 130+ score
    • Total will be 370+
    • Sri Lanka will score 230+
    • England will win by 140+ runs
  • Else if 50/2 after 10 overs
    • they will still manage to score 350+ score ( one middle order batsman will score a 70+ important runs)
    • Sri Lanka 200 all out
    • England will win by 160+ runs
  • else if 125/3 after 25 overs
    • they will still manage to score more than 300+ score
    • Sri Lanka will score 250
    • Engalnd will win by 60
  • else 175/5 in 30 overs
    • they will still mange to score 280+
    • Sri Lanka will score 250
    • England will win by 30 runs
  • else if 200/7 in 40 overs
    • they will still mange to score 260 + score
    • Sri Lanka will score 200
    • England will win by 60 runs
  • else if 147/7 in 30 overs
    • they will still mange to score 230 + score, and will win the match by 20 runs

Ok. Let's see what happens if Sri Lanka bat first,

  • 250+score
    • England will score this within 47 overs and will win by 5 wickets
  • 270+ score
    • England will win the match in last over by 4 wickets
  • 300+ score
    • England will in the last over by 3 wickets
  • 340+ score
    • Sri Lanka will win by 90 runs

If Sri Lanka use spin friendly wickets then the results may not remain as above. Also please note that if England win first 3 matches then they will leave out the best players , so final two matches may win by Sri Lanka. So most probably tournament results will be 4-1 or 3-2 win for England ( possibility 5-0 as well) . If England perform badly then there is a possibility Sri Lanka winning the series as well. That is not because sri lanka playing good cricket , that is because home advantage and incapability of England to adjust to the conditions.

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  1. As we saw in England, how
    As we saw in England, how Indian wrist spinners tormented England, Sri Lanka should go all guns blazing with Sandakan and Dananjaya in all 5 matches and hope that they stick to good line and lengths and thus create plenty of problems for the Englishmen. To win by batting better than this England ODI teams seems out of question right now for sri lanka, so they should have a proper bowling plan with Malinga and either of chameera or rajitha to partner the two spinners and then play either of Thisara or Dasun at 7 and go with 6 regular batters which would look like:

    Dhananjaya de Silva
    Thisara/ Dasun
    Chameera/ Rajitha

    That is the best way for sri lanka to have some hope in this series.

  2. England are flexible in terms
    England are flexible in terms of setting a target or chasing but I think like India they have a preference to chase.

    I agree with previous poster #2 that spinners (good ones with variations not some part-timers) maybe best bet against their attack. Wouldn’t hurt to even open with a spinner

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