No doubt about who will be Sri Lanka’s next chief cricket selector

Sanath JayasuriyaThere has been speculation in the media in recent days that a Sri Lankan minister, a politician, is going to replace Ashantha de Mel, the current chairman of selectors. It’s not going to be just any minister, but a man the Sri Lankan president is extremely close friends with – Sanath Jayasuriya.

So far, the media has been unable to confirm if Jayasuriya will be a part of the selection panel. Likewise, a lot of the talk about Jayasuriya becoming chief selector is also speculation, as no one from SLC or the Sports Ministry has confirmed it.

The outgoing chief selector de Mel is a relative of the Rajapaksa family, and appointing Jayasuriya to replace him is yet another case of the president placing people he trusts into various positions within powerful sectors in Sri Lanka.

The Ceylon Daily News is one of the state’s propaganda tools, and today the newspaper reported on its website that Jayasuriya is "tipped" to head the selection panel.

This is perhaps a good indication of who the new chairman of selectors will be – a government minister! So much for the ICC’s attempt to root out political interference at SLC! No?

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