Next Sanga, next Mahela, next Sanath : Is this the right attitude ?

As we all know that srilanka cricket team has not performed well in the recent past .cricketers and officials constantly use sangakkara’s and mahela’s retirements as an excuse to these failures .we all have been seeing that past cricketers, journalist and lot of others suggest that next sanga & next mahela should be found quickly in order to arrest this slump in performances. On the other hand , some of the them say that vandersay should be groomed to fill the shoes of herath. We couldn’t see same kind of a scenario and approach in other top cricket playing countries .hence we should reconsider whether this is the right attitude to have in this critical situation.

Large number of top international cricketers retired in the year 2015/2016 .EX-jack kallis, Michel Clark, misbah ul haq, Michel Johnson, Brendon macculum. but the selectors and coaches of other countries don’t try to build shadow players like srilanka does . they give chances to young players and let young cricketers to express themselves freely without being shadow players of retired legends. I believe that it’s the right mindset as It does help young players to play without an unnecessary pressure and to express themselves freely.

srilankans have a tendency to look new things through the shadows of old things ,then we compare . when we see a good batsman ,we label them as next sanga , next mahela,next sanath ,etc and expect the performance of former legendry players . it adds a huge pressure to young players as they try to imitate the playing styles of former players that don’t suit the youngsters technical capabilities and the skill level.

Selectors, coaches, cricket players , journalists ,fans we all should understand that we don’t need next mahela ,next sanga , next herath ,etc. they all did their part to srilanka cricket and retired from the game .sri lanka team only need match winners who can play match winning innings and bowl match winning spells. Hence Young players should develop their own run scoring methods, techniques, favorite shots, without imitating the playing styles of former players as youngsters too have the potential to become unique world class players in the future.

Finally we all have a responsibility to make this mental shift and to take srilanka cricket to the next level.

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