New smile brings success to Murali


Some of you may find this observation a little too obsessively creepy. But who cares, right?

Murali has had a fare share of dental work done in the past. In 2008 during a tour to Australia, he had his front tooth knocked out and required emergency surgery. He was also missing a tooth just prior to this year’s IPL. But from birth Murali’s upper front teeth have been naturally crooked. That’s probably why I noticed Muttiah’s brand new smile.

Murali has had some new work done on him, probably Veneers, and I must say the man’s looking pretty sharp!

The bowling has looked good too since the change. Has a new smile brought renewed confidence?

The next time you see Murali on the telly, compare his new smile with the pictures below and let me know if you see what I mean.


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