My two cents on that ‘abusive’ placard

This is getting ridiculous. Something that was supposed to be a humour, has become a serious topic of discussion, especially among politicians.

"Po***ya's actual meaning might be homophobic but the usage of it is not so. This is like saying, by using the f word profanity , you are propositioning someone.

This, despite being a cuss word was displayed completely in jest. Had that man really wanted to abuse Maxwell, he could have written in English. And not to forget, Maxwell was having a great time with the Sri Lankan "Papare Army".

And these jokes have been a trend in social media for sometime now, starting from Sri Lankan Memes's Ball Guard which constantly carried fake newspaper memes that had Malinga saying "Kohli maha ***** appa".

These words mean no harm. They are not used to suggest homophobia. If you want to censure this man for carrying this placard, then please do the same to uncle Percy Abeysekera, who has been using cuss words that mean no harm, in jest, long since.

Remember the following incidents with Percy?
"Two of Percy`s favourite players are Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Garfield Sobers. In fact he named two of his grandsons Sachin and Garfield after the two cricketers. But in Colombo, when once Tendulkar got out playing a rash shot Percy was compelled to give one back to one of the greatest players he admired.

One fine day, Gavasker came, 
Another fine day, Vengsarkar came, 
Yet another fine day, Manjrekar came 
Today Tendulkar came, 
None of the bast—s knew how to play the game. "

"Percy is a person who loves the traditions of the sport and may have been hurt when the match fixing controversy embroiled so many leading players including his good friend Mohammad Azharuddin, the former Indian captain. 
During a warm up game between India and Sri Lanka Board President`s XI at the P. Sara Stadium, Percy frowned at the Indian dressing room and came up 
with this beauty.

Cricket is a game of gentlemen, 
Invented by the English, 
Improvised by the Aussies, 
Mastered by the Sri Lankans, 
And f—ed up by you bloody Indians "
"During the pre-Test era, England were playing an unofficial Test in Colombo and off-spinner Jeff Cope was having a difficult time and didn`t look like getting a wicket and Percy hit back.

Mr. Cope, 
There`s no hope, 
Until you call the Pope. "
"Another spectator trying to upset Percy one day shouted Ado Percy pina. The genius wasn`t bothered and hit back at the troublemaker.

Mama pina, 
Bat karanne Sana, 
Umbalage amma gona. "

You could distort the above as Percy trying to tell off the venerated Pope, abusing mothers and heckling Indians. But in actuality, Percy was loved by everyone including all those he 'abused'.

These are minor matters and not to be made into a news. Malsha Kumaranatunge, if you really bother about Sri Lanka's cricketing culture, why not say something against Nishantha Ranatunga? Why were you keeping quiet when CSN usurped the broadcasting rights of cricket matches without making proper payments? Stop finding the softest of targets to hit. Hit the sharks if you can, not the minnows!

The other question is how did it become a news? An English newspaper could not have deciphered the meaning of it, nor could you expect them to mull over the placard seriously. This is obviously, a Sri Lankan trying to act smart. 

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