My Point of View – 1

After witnessing almost two weeks of cricket we have got a time to take a breath and look forward towards the test series. Well, lot of things happened in the last dozens of days in terms of loss of hopes, heartbroken, but at the end, last moment patch seems covered everything.

If Sri Lanka had won the World Cup Finale against India, many of the hidden stories that came out recent past, in terms of match fixings, corrupted management, exploiting; would still be buried on the ground. I believe that World Cup Finale was a timely loss that made all the responsible parties open their eyes, look back and put the Sri Lankan Cricket back on track. Nevertheless, it seems we are still suffering from those wounds that were simply ignored by putting patches when they were first identified.

Yes it was a brave knock by Chamara Silva to rescue Sri Lankans from one of those big shames of 4-1 results in the home conditions. He was under huge pressure not only because of his continues poor batting display, but also the critics that were building around him. But the point I want to emphasis is, will this performance means that Sri Lanka has found the most effective solution and selectors can cheer about their position.

ODI series started with lots of hope on Sri Lankan spectators looking forward to see their heroes reaching the top of the ladder for the first time in the history. Ultimately we are very happy today to just hang around the second place, where we were, after poor display of cricket.

Luck is something that every player has, but it was very disgraceful to hear international commentators over and over again use that word when our heroes are with the bat. No foot movements, predetermined shot, poor shot selection were some other phrases they used. It was not intentional, but as spectators, even we felt that our batting was far away from perfection.

Bowling performance seems ok though with the lights of Malinga, we can have a good analysis after the first test match.
(To be continued) 

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