Most Unrecognized Opener Worthless to Pickers & Masked Records Envious to some Navigators

Here is an extract of  a comment I posted recently as a reply to a wrong speculation posted by someone. I thought of posting it as a blog article, since I have never seen them published in any media in SL. The reason for posting it here is, these undeniable achievements seem to be negatively affecting a player's valuable career in SL cricket today. It is quite obvious the reason behind recent axing is not related to cricket. No one would dump a gold coin to place a penny, unless there is a burning desire to do so for some unbearable personal  feeling.. 

After putting up 2 consecutive 50+ stands by UT /ND pair, well within PP1 to set launching pad for 300 winning totals in last 2 odis Vs SA… Slotting in a walking wkt like Kusal Mendis from nowhere to Open in 2 Asia Cup Games (benching Dickwella), ended with Double Duck gate openings triggering massive collapses! There was absolutely no need for that. That move was highly unethical shattering of a winning combination. Why?

Then came the next episode, after Upul's 2nd Duck in 38 innings played over 2 yrs (No batter can avoid such a rare duck) he was benched for the next 2 crucial matches to reinstall Mendis (not even in the original squad ) to repeat his Duck act. Both matches went down due to thef lack of runs on the board from top order and the huge number of Dot-balls. As the stats prove, Tharanga & Dickka were the best productive & most aggressive SL batters during past 2 yrs. Benching Tharanga would have easily been the cause for the 2 defeats. Except for Opener Dickwella & allrounder Shanka, no one could reach 50. Tharanga is the only one with a proven ability to make that big 50 or 100 frequently and he was about to deliver the due big ones as his past 2 yr record clearly proves. 

When an yesteryear 20 Averaged Opener makes the prime call, this is what happens.!  




1) Upul Tharanga ( As Opener: 186 ings – 6,062 runs facing 8037 balls ) is RANKED at No-9 spot in HIGHEST RUN MAKERS among World odi OPENERS, who had played less than 225 innings and faced under 10,000 balls.…


2) With Tharanga’s 15 CENTURIES from 186 Innings as Opener, He is RANKED at N0-6 in Highest Century Makers among World Odi Openers who had played less than 225 innings and faced under 10,000 balls.…


3) UPUL THARANGA is sharing the WORLD RECORD (with Ricky Ponting) for building the HIGHEST NUMBER OF DOUBLE HUNDRED STANDS (SEVEN)…


4) Top 5 Highest Opening Partnerships In Word ODI Cricket

Upul Tharanga and Tillakaratne Dilshan

Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock:

David Warner and Travis Head

Upul Tharanga and Sanath Jayasuriya

Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul Haq

Upul is the ONLY ODI batter in the world involved in TWO Highest partnerships among top Five Opening Partnerships.!…


5) One-Day Internationals / Batting records / Carrying bat through a completed innings – Tharanga is among the 11 batters in the World Odi Cricket to Achieve that (Only SL batter). He did that last year single handedly trying to halt a whitewash Vs Pak, but ran out of partners in ever crumbling batting unit, before making the final few runs to win that match!

On 16 October 2017, In the process of that diehard effort to lift SL,  Tharanga became the first batsman for Sri Lanka, and the first Captain in the WORLD overall, to carry his bat in an ODI. The appropriately heartening reward he received from SLC  in return was blame for the whitewash & immediate axing from captaincy.…

The above unique achievements were never HIGHLIGHTED in SL. If they were achieved by someone else belongs to the privileged elite group of City boys, that would have been GLORIFIED for ever.!



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  1. There are serious question to
    There are serious question to be asked when looking at the sequence of grave misdoings by this highly paid, professionally responsible authority… WHY ALL these Ridiculous Decisions at a crucial time?

    Is this the time to constantly pamper a proven failure Kusal Mendis, who was given 24 Odis since his last 50 score came 1.5 years ago?

    Mendis had already wasted 24 odis since then to to collect a dismal 271 runs for SL at astonishingly LOW 12.36 AVERAGE & 72 SR! Yet he was sent as Opener in the Vital 2 matches in Asia Cup to cause the early exit, WHY?

    Despite Averaging 0 in previous series (Asia Cup), Tharanga was benched and grabbed Mendis not even a part of original squad… to score a third consecutive BLOB & 5 runs wasting 14 balls to give away the series to England, WHY?

    What authority does anyone have to enforce such highly destructive acts at crucial points, if really intends to end the loosing streak?

    Or prime intention is to address the current need of finding the best proven XI for upcoming WC (rather than pampering failures already played more than 50 odis, yet struggling with day by day dwindling averages in the 20s ?

    Entrusting the Best Proven guys in our limited resources (Tharanga , Mathews, Dickwella, Thisara & now Shanaka) isn’t the way forward to face the WC?

  2. @ Cricexp – NOT
    @ Cricexp – NOT REALLY.!

    Occasionally received 3 MoM awards playing 50 Odis over 3 yrs yet struggling with Average in 20s doesn’t make him a choice over a guy like Tharanga.

    To win a match you essentially need the team contribution. Therefore to win a MoM award you need that back up for sure. Without that support, no matter how extra ordinarily good your effort is; you end up in the losing side without getting the deserved MoM!

    Likewise, one of the 3 MoMs Mendis won was in Zmb for his 57 score, but Tharanga batting lower down at No5 made the winning runs scoring unbeaten 57* ensuring the Victory… but the MoM was given to Mendis.

    Ie: Tharanga should have definitely won at least 4 more MoM awards if the rest of the batters didn’t fell like nine pins without any significant contribution (in addition to the Mom award he got in 2018 triangular decider in BD) for his record making performances Vs Pak unbeaten 112* / his 119 (90b @ 132 SR) in SA / his 95 (82 b @ 116 SR) in India & probably for his unbeaten 79* ( 73 b @ 109 SR) as well, that got stranded without partners batting lower at No4 due to wasting 25 overs by top 3 batters going for individual scores at SR in 70s on (that could have easily been extended to match wining 100 if he was allowed to Open)!

    Compare the stats since 2017 Jan to find the incomparably vast difference between performances of these two players since Jan 2017:

    – THARANGA: 38 ings – 1,315 runs @ 40 Av- 87 SR –2 x100+ /7 x 50+ (1 Mom award)

    – K MENDIS: 35 ings – 761 runs @ 22 Av -80 SR – 1 x 100 / 4 x 50+ (1 Mom award)


    No need to say, Tharanga is clearly in a well above orbit that Mendis could only dream of.!

  3. First Mathews … now
    First Mathews … now Tharanga… what next? The loosing path continues & Mahela says our cricket is moving backwards.! How long are they (SLC authorities & Minister) going to tolerate this insanity????

  4. Tharanga has made almost
    Tharanga has made almost double the runs in almost same innings since 2017 compared to the Hathurusinghe’s favorite duck farmer Kusal Mendis ..LoL

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