More Shrapnel Removed from Ajantha Mendis – More Surgery is Performed

Ajantha Mendis required another round of surgery recently when scans revealed more shrapnel lodged in his scalp and back.

With his head almost completely wrapped in bandages, Mendis celebrated his 24th birthday today at the Nawaloka hospital in Colombo surrounded by friends and family. 

He was still feeling some pain as the pain killers wore off.

A heavy security presence was also noted outside Ajantha’s room.

Pakistan are yet to make a breakthrough in their investigation. According to the Times Online the perpetrators may have already fled to the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan’s North Western border with Afghanistan.

The sources said they feared that the rest of the 12 gunmen who attacked the Sri Lankans’ convoy on Tuesday had fled to Pakistan’s northern tribal areas, from where al-Qaeda and Taleban militants operate.

It is said that this is the same region where Bin Laden evaded capture many times. What chance does the Pakistani government have of capturing these individuals when the US with all their technology and manpower could not find the tallest man in the region (a journalist who met Bin Laden in the 1990s described him as 6’4" tall).

So it seems inevitable the criminals who tarnished Pakistan’s image and almost took the lives of Sri Lanka’s national cricketers may never be brought to justice.

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