Minister Dayasiri to implement Sanga-Mahela duos proposal – If not will dissolve

The Sports Minister of Sri Lanka slammed current system of the domestic and administrative structure of the country at a press briefing held in Colombo. 

"We had a better batsman who can face spinners , we had better fast bowlers . now we don't have them . I'v spoke for hours of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena regarding these issues. They too agree that there should be a major overhaul of the domestic structure . I admit that and looking forward to implementing the system from next year." said the Minister. 

Currently Sri Lanka, have 24 1st class teams to play in listing an and 16 teams to play in 3-day Premier format .

"Most of these Test playing youngsters has not played on International pitches for Sri Lanka . Respective clubs and teams always trying to organize matches on their home grounds, which are very small and not in better conditions when comparing to International level. These are the problems to note " – Minister. 

The voting power of respective clubs and district associations is another major issue for this massiveness of administration . The governing body of Sri Lanka Cricket always trying to please there stakeholders during their tenure to secure their vote for the next election. 

" My second goal is to reduce the number of votes of stakeholders of Sri Lanka Cricket . I guess we can reduce number's to 70+ from present's 140+ votes." " . Whoever came into the power will try to keep stakeholders happy , Because of these numbers . The regime of these stakeholders should be reduced . No matter who is the president of SLC , I'll take steps to make these changes very soon . If they resist . I'll dissolve the governing body of any hesitation." 

"Our prime goal should be to take action to save country's pride . We do feel bad and sad when watching our team losing ."

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