Mehar Khalil gets your money

Hey there everyone,

Sorry I did not get a chance to update on this. Don’t worry I did not run away with the money or anything :). The initiative was from So its a bit unfair to suggest I only posted here to get money. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to contribute that is why I contacted Hilal about it. I updated it on my blog but it slipped my mind to update it here. Sorry guys. Below are some pics and info on how things panned out.

Again, sorry for the VERY late update and hope you guys understand. In the end we collected  a decent 260 USD.

Also, a small note of thanks to my dad, who was instrumental in handing over the money to Charlie Austin.

Cheers guys and hope everyone is enjoying the IPL and our boys kicking it up in SA.

"It is now official, this is the moment when Mehar Khalil, the bus driver who put his life on the line got the money YOU helped raise.

This is a great day for us and it would not have been possible without you guys. Thanks for everyone for making this happen.

We couldn’t quite get the King to do this for us but Brendan Kurruppu, SL manager stepped up.

Thanks to him and Charlie Austin as well."

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