Mark Richardson is mad the kiwis lost – calls Murali a chucker

In 2006 it was Martin Crowe. Today it’s Mark Richardson. When the Black Caps cop it from Sri Lanka, the only counter attack is psychological warfare. Mark Richardson called Murali a chucker on the NZ Herald today.

It’s like clutching at straws hoping the great bowler, and Sri Lankan vice-captain, will fall.

In reality, it’s a stupid accusation coming from a player who won’t even be a footnote in cricket history. Mark Richardson is not an authority on any thing. He is an expert at nothing.

I quote Richardson below from the New Zealand Herald.

Many of the slow-motion replays I’ve seen of Murali have only strengthened my conviction he is exceeding the 15 degrees bending and straightening allowance. Is it not meant to be the other way round? Isn’t the hi-tech equipment meant to alleviate my fears?

Oh! OK Mark let’s "forget the testing" he must be chucking then right? Mark Richardson has seen slow-motion replays, and what he saw was apparently conclusive enough to defame a man who has been cleared numerous times over by, NOT ONLY THE ICC, but a Cricket Australia sanctioned study, carried out by Australians bio-mechanic experts. It’s no secret that the Australians were convinced he was throwing it, but tests conducted at the University of Western Australia found that he was not throwing it. Mark Richardson forgot to blame everyone involved in clearing Murali. It wasn’t just the ICC. It was most certainly not an Asian conspiracy to keep him in the game either.

Not once but three times in all has Murali been cleared. No bower has been filmed and scrutinised this much, and been unanimously cleared every time.

Who is Mark Richardson again? Ask the ignorant sod to watch the video below will ya? Even with a brace on it appeared to the naked eye as if he was was throwing. Mark Nicholas and the Channel4 crew witnessed it all. The optical illusion factor is always very conveniently forgotten by Murali’s critics. Watch the video below and please end this ignorance.


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