Lions of Sri Lankan Cricket don’t dissapoint us this time

You won us the Cricket World Cup in 1996, the whole nation stood up, enjoyed and celebrated immensly in that moment. But since then, no more world-domination glory was brought upon us to cherish, therefore we are still left with hidden tears in our eyes, dissapointment within ourselves, with nothing but losing in the final and becoming runners up as a habit.

It’s time now all 15 of you combine yourselves as one and go out there in to the field and perform to the best of your ability and take each game once and enter the semis, finals and some how lift the coverted trophy and bring joy into all our Sri Lankan hearts and restore Sri Lankan Cricket to its true identity.

This is the opportunity, dont miss out  you guys are stronger than any other teams and so make sure you get the trophy when its right here in our own motherland.Wish u all the very best and good luck be with you.

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