Leadership Wins World Cups

When you look at the captains who have won the World Cup in the past, except probably for Ricky Ponting who had some great sides ( although he didn’t do too badly himself as a leader from the front), it has been exceptional leadership that has delivered the Cup.

Clive Lloyd and Imran Khan have shown that no has been able to unite their respective charges like they did and bring about famous victories.

Kapil Dev was an unique specimen to say the least and his athleticism and abilities were exceptional.

Alan Border has one of the best cricket brains in the world and both Steve Waugh and Arjuna Ranatunga brought a feeling of fearlessness and a do or die attitude that brought them success.

When you look at this World Cup’s leaders, Afridi is definitely the ‘dark horse" in these stakes. Dhoni is captain cool and the English skipper seems to be leading from the front.

I’m afraid our skipper looks scared out of wits and his deputy has tried the job and failed.

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