Lack of preparation for T20 WC will cost Sri Lanka dearly

Sri Lanka have hardly had any Twenty20 games over the past few months. Other than the tournament in Canada, and the one off against India a few weeks back, we really haven’t had that many. Its really unsatisfying and saddening to know the country you come from – love and support – is going into battle without any sort of preparation.

Take every top team in the world today, excluding Pakistan due to unavoidable circumstances, Sri Lanka really hasn’t had that many Twenty20 games. Although some of you may think preparation may not be that necessary, I think you are wrong!

Its sad that with the current state of Sri Lanka Cricket and its poor organizing capabilities, we really should have had some games before the WC. Now the fact that the Dubai series is canceled, that just adds to the current blow of no T20 match practice for the national squad.

Its gets very irritating to hear Mahela Jayawardena and others say, we are raising the bar, every time they have to play someone. As far as I know.. they seem to be heading in the completely opposite direction.

Honestly, I’m sad to say this, but with a new captain to be announced just around the corner, and with all that’s about to change after the Pakistan Series, I really doubt Sri Lanka have any chance of winning this T20 WC. I’ll be happy if they even manage to make it to the supers 8’s or quarter finals….. hmph, definitely will be surprised. 

We do not have the winning combination, I believe we are still too reliant on the seniors. I think they should play the same squad for the WC as they did against India, but with the inclusion of Mahela and Sanga. But I believe people like Jehan Mubarak, should not be in that squad. Too many other good players are missing out because of this nonsense of being under some sort of weird obligation to play Mubarak & the others all the time. They’ve been given chances, they have not performed. Its been too long. Get them out. Give the others ago.

Yup, we need change, and we need it quick. I hope somethings done soon. We need new a complete refresher.

But yes, Sri Lanka is going to have a tough Twenty20 WC in England this summer.

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