Lack of information regarding ticket sales for cricket matches in Sri Lanka

On the eve of every tour, we here at Island Cricket are inundated with emails from foreign nationals seeking information on ticket sales for matches in Sri Lanka. With the upcoming Indian tour to Sri Lanka, emails have started pouring in seeking information on where to buy tickets and how to get to venues.

A quick look at the Sri Lanka Cricket  website ( will reveal that the site contains no contact information. Neither an address, nor a phone number can be found on Sri Lanka Cricket’s official website.

In the last three days, I have responded to more than 150 emails requesting information on how to get Sri Lanka Cricket’s head office, how to buy tickets for the first Test match in Galle on the 18th of July (which incidentally will be Muralitharan’s last) and requests for phone numbers to contact Sri Lanka Cricket.

Surely this can’t be due to oversight? The SLC website has been active for a number of months now and any competent webmaster or web administrator would know that a reputed website always has either a ‘Contact Us’ page, or a page with contact information prominently displayed. No offence to Bangladesh, but even the Bangladeshi Cricket Board’s website has their contact details displayed along with their CEO’s mobile phone number.

Heck, it’s easier to find contact details for the president of Sri Lanka than it is to contact the Media Manager, Brian Thomas, or the Secretary, Nishantha Ranatunga. An email sent by me on May 26, 2010 requesting information from Mr. Thomas is yet to receive a response more than a month later. Mr. Thomas did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge my email. Try sending an email to Cricket Australia via their website, or contacting their Media Manager. Their response is generally within 48 hours regardless of what you email them about.

With the 2011 ICC World Cup just seven months away, the International Cricket Council should be worried.

This lack of information is nothing new. Sri Lankans know that even they are at times left clueless unless a sponsor chooses to pay for television advertising informing cricket fans of locations to purchase tickets. For example, if Singer Sri Lanka sponsors a cricket series, TV advertising that the sponsor pays for instructs the general public that tickets are available at all Singer outlets; Sri Lanka Cricket rarely takes the initiative to keep the public informed. It is perhaps the very reason why our inter-provincial matches are played to empty stands year after year.

For the benefit of those seeking information, Sri Lanka Cricket’s contact details are as follows:

Tickets can be purchased at the following location or at the venue.

Sri Lanka Cricket
35, Maitland Place,
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka.

Telephone numbers (Country code – 94):

+94 0112681601
+94 0112681602
+94 0112681603
+94 0112681604

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