Kushal Perera, a rising star for the future

KUSHAL PERERA will be a star and a household name in the future in Cricket if he keeps his head and wits about him and he is properly nurtured. After his 1st knock i felt there was talent oozing in him. .I met him at the hotel the day before the last match and after his brilliant knock. He is th sole bread winner in his family. He attempts to speak in English and can express himself well.He says he is good TT player and I was pleased as I was a coach who produced 4 womens national champions in SL. He has time to play shots and they are sweetly timed, effortless and fluent .He seems to have a mature head and above all a match temperament lacking in even the senior players. His first 2 matches, he was sent in pressure situations and handled the task admirably.
He is the youngest in the team and started first class cricket only 3 years ago. When i met him, a Senior who knows I predicted his own talent 10 years ago, saw me with him and told him that he knows me. Having proved to myself spotting talent after following the game world wide for over 50 years I hope I am correct especially as that was my last match going to a ground

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