Kusal Mendis Granted 22 Odi ing LAPSE without 50+ score since Jun 2017 to Scratch 267@ 12 Av – 73 SR – 7 Ducks.!


– So far KUSAL MENDIS had ENJOYED < TWENTY TWO (22) ODI  INNINGS > Since his last 50+ Score in June 2017

– Kusal Mendis had managed just 267 runs @ 12.71 AVERAGE – 73 Strike Rate – 7 x 0 in 12 x Single-Digit in those 22 ODI innings..!!!

– Kusal Mendis's was selected again in last ODI flop Vs Eng, to continue his 3rd Consecutive HAT-TRICK -Duck started @ Asia Cup

– He has made 5 DUCKS in 6 single digit scores made from 12 innings played in 2018.! 



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  1. Hathurusinghe should take the
    Hathurusinghe should take the whole blame for this pampering.!

    Why did he disturb the Opening pair again just after a single duck from Upul came after a long time (only 2 ducks from him in 38 odis and 22 months according to the previous blog)?

    Jason Roy made a duck in previous match & came up with a blistering 41 in last match. Upul could have done the same or better since he is due for a big one. Is hathurusinghe going to drop Thisara in next match due to his duck?

    Axing the most productive run maker in top order like that to shatter his confidence is not going to serve SL or save Hathururusinghe’s A*S…. . Dropping an experienced batter who made tons of runs in recent past like that to slot in a crumbling cookie like Mendis shows the lack of consistency & merit in selections

    Mendis guy had made 3 consecutive ducks in his 12 x less than 3 runs scores from 22 innings since his last 50.!

  2. From the way they sidelined
    From the way they sidelined Tharanga even after having 40+ Average and near run a ball SR in past 22 months, (just because of such a brief lean patch) compared to rest of all in the team, I don’t think Hathurusinghe & Chandimal will allow Tharanga to play in coming WC as well.

    Otherwise who would give his place to a guy struggling to survive 10 balls in the middle for over a year now and couldn’t even get selected to the original squad due to his shamefully costly performances AVERAGING ZERO in Asia Cup series?

  3. Tharanga does very well in
    Tharanga does very well in domestic tournaments and minnows but not against quality opposition. He is 32+ now and should be able to win matches for SL which he rarely does. Take him to WC and everyone will see how well he will do :PP Tharanga was always a weak link in the ODI side just like Alistair Cook was for England. England did become a great side after they dropped him and let the players they thought would deliver were given a consistent run. Our problem is the team culture – no one is settled because of the fear of being axed. This affects especially for newcomers and young players and they never feel secure and lose confidence. Kusal Mendis was amongst the highest run-getters for SL last time we toured England (2016). IMO Mendis and Samarawickrama are the best bets for future of SL right now..

  4. @Cricfanus – Don’t blabber
    @Cricfanus – Don’t blabber baseless nonsense comments without knowing even fundamental facts.! Just bare words won’t make true statements man!

    Do you know who is the 3rd best ranked SL batter in history, playing in countries outside subcontinent?

    Host country Australia / England /New Zealand / South Africa / West Indies: Ever Best performed SL Batting Rankings

    1) Kumar Sangakkara – 4685 runs @ 40 Av – 8 x 100 / 29 x 50
    2) Angelo Mathews – 1653 runs @ 39 Av – 12 x 50
    3) Upul Tharanga – 1973 runs @ 36 Av – 5 x 100 / 12 x 50

    Mahela is ranked at 10 with 32 Av, Jayasuriya Ranked at 11 with 30 Av & Dilshan ranked 5th with 34 Av.!;batting_positionmin2=1;batting_positionval2=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;host=1;host=2;host=3;host=4;host=5;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;opposition=6;opposition=7;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=20;qualval1=innings;team=8;template=results;type=batting

  5. haha.. Look who’s speaking
    haha.. Look who’s speaking another UT fanboy.. 😀 your stats hide the real facts.
    If you want to play with stats lets take a look at ur beloved UT against each country. Pay close attention to avg and strike rate both please.

    In . Runs Avg. SR
    v Afghanistan 2018-2018 1 36 36.00 56.25
    v Australia 2006-2016 23 512 24.38 64.16
    v Bangladesh 2005-2018 22 906 45.30 80.46
    v England 2006-2018 18 674 48.14 81.30
    v India 2005-2017 45 1228 30.70 83.48
    v Ireland 2007-2016 4 32 10.66 48.48
    v Netherlands 2006-2006 2 90 45.00 96.77
    v New Zealand2005-2012 20 622 32.73 71.57
    v Pakistan 2006-2017 36 950 28.78 70.68
    v South Africa2006-2018 23 605 27.50 82.99
    v West Indies 2005-2016 13 299 27.18 56.84
    v Zimbabwe 2006-2018 21 56 61.14 81.06

    Tharanga’s best average 61 is against Zimbabwe. His next best, 48.14, 45.00, 45.30, 36 closely follows for Eng, Ban, Neth and Afg. Well, a fanboy like u could say he has done well against England. But the fact to the matter is most of that runs were before 2016 (2006-2011) where Eng was thrashed by most countries in ODI cricket. His avg against England post-2016 is 19.2 which speaks heaps of his ability against quality opposition. His strike rate is also awful for an opening batsman, which explains why he struggles if he does not get going early, which pressures batsman going next. This too highlights the fact that he is no middle order batsman and, the only place he has a place in the side is the opening slot. Well, there are few contenders for the opening spot in this side who has much better technique, composure and consistency than UT. Oh and not to forget he is a 33+ and his fielding is not a good sight at all for a team that is struggling. 😛
    Finally, just to refresh, look at the stats of a match-winning SL batsman below, compare it urself with ur lover boy Tharanga.. 😀

    v Afghanistan 2014-2015 2 83 41.50 72.17
    v Australia 2002-2015 46 1813 43.16 77.71
    v Bangladesh 2002-2015 31 1206 48.24 88.22
    v England 2001-2015 44 1625 47.79 78.31
    v India 2000-2014 76 2700 39.70 81.62
    v Ireland 2007-2007 1 10 10.00 111.11
    v Netherlands 2002-2006 3 115 38.33 81.56
    v New Zealand 2001-2015 47 1568 40.20 78.79
    v Pakistan 2000-2014 56 1720 35.10 72.29
    v South Africa 2000-2015 44 1789 45.87 81.87
    v West Indies 2000-2013 20 480 30.00 66.29
    v Zimbabwe 2000-2011 21 556 46.33 71.09

  6. So yet another Upul Tharanga
    So yet another Upul Tharanga debate or is this a Kusal Mendis bashing mission. Lets not fall in to trap of dropping everyone who fails as we have done that already and got us no where. In between dropping everyone, we have also played Tharanga and that too has got us to the same place – no where!

    We had this very same debate with Kusal Perera had a string of failures and today, there are signs he could give us runs. If we only just stuck with him and this goes back to the 2015 WC.

    My call is we target 2 may be 3 under 25 year olds and stick with them (and Mendis is one of them). May be in a few years (say when Upul has scratched around and ready to retire) we may have a quality batter or two who can give us runs. Or we can stick with Upul and have this discussion in a few years when Upul is ready to retire and we are further down the hole.

  7. Pointless blabbering, when
    Pointless blabbering, when unable to counter the clear stats precisely given to pinpoint the overall best performance rankings of all time batters for SL CONSIDERING ONLY in the formidable hosting Nations: Aus/SA/Eng/WI/NZ (Vs Only the top Nations; Eng/SA/Aus/Pak/Ind/WI/NZ).!!!

    Who talked about playing against long time minnows such as , Ireland, Zmb, BD, Afg, Netherlands etc etc???

    What is your point quoting SR Vs Neatherlands, Ireland, Zmb etc? Don’t make hilarious comparisons, when cannot counter my point man!

    You have conveniently forgot the Ranking stats are based on FACTORS COMMON to EVERYONE (especially legends) played over past decade…. therefore a particular team strong or weak in a particular period of time is immaterial when deducing overall statistics.

    You are dissecting his stats to question the ability vs Eng since 2016. You idiot first tell me how many innings he was allowed to play in top order in those FIVE INNINGS ?

    FORCED TO BAT in the tail AT NO-7 in FOUR of those innings & Just a SOLITARY match given to Open before AXING again, DO you expect any batter to do MIRACLES?

    EVEN under such harsh treatment, didn’t he produce an UNBEATEN 53* from 49 balls @ 108 SR & another 40 runs from 33 balls @ 121 SR batting at No-7 in ENGLAND….from those Five Innings you fool ????? How hilarious to quote an Average of such a short stint of 5 innings, deliberately suppressed to put him down?

    Just Keep your BASELESS HUMBUG CRITICISM for YOURSELF, if unable to come with a real point to deny my point.!

  8. Kusal Mendis Extended his
    Kusal Mendis Extended his Fantastic Display of Batting to DOOM ANOTHER SERIES with the courtesy of million dollar Champion Coach Hathurusinghe & Turtle pace personal glory finding skipper Chandimal…Good for SL! If not for the efforts of Shanaka & Dikka (who was also axed to keep MENDIS in ASia Cup Doom) SL would have ended well below 200 on a 300+ wicket thanks to eternal crawlers/pauses in the side.!

  9. @ Stormy –
    It seems

    @ Stormy –
    It seems Coach/Skipper combo had just imposed an abrupt end to the career of a man who scored the most runs for SL among batters batted at top 5 since Aug 2016 – UT 44 odis – 1399 runs at 40 Average – 84 SR with 2-100 & 8-50.!

    As the stats prove, he did his best trying to win matches even single handedly, but with absolutely no support coming from the rest of the batters, except in 2018 triangular in BD & last 2 winning odis Vs SA (putting the 50+ 1st wkt stand in each match PP1 to top 300), he was stranded as a lone-ranger at the end in many occasions!

    How can you deny that fact? It is easy to pick a scapegoat that you don’t like to relive your frustration, but that wouldn’t help SL or change the absolute truth proved with solid evidence, isn’t it?

    No Tharanga , No Mathews it will take at least another decade or more to salvage SL cricket cutting off the only two spring Oasis in a dessert with a severe dearth of Runs, if that is ever possible 🙁

  10. When there is a sword hanging
    When there is a sword hanging over your head all the time despite your achievements & seniority, NO BATTER can produce their best. The only time Tharanga (even as a senior pro) was relieved from that pressure was in 2017 with continuous opportunity & the secure feeling he had as Skipper,even he hits a brief lean patch.

    But none other past or present senior player was never put under such pressure in late stage of their careers (ie: Mathews was failing over 3 yrs in Test cricket, but his Test place is always secure & never dropped if fit, despite his pathetic Test Averages 2016 -28Av/ 2017- 29Av /2018- 26 Av)..!!!

    Without that immense pressure, no need to say how productive Upul became, producing his career best productive year in decade long career, putting up over 1,000 runs @ near 50 Av and 94 SR – 2 tons & 7 x 50+ scores (including a 95).

    As a result, he became one of the only 3 players in world to top 1k runs in 2017! But look at the blog article, just 2nd duck from 38 innings in 22 months & eight inning lean patch lapse of a 50 is enough to kick him out, despite having maintained 40 av – 88 SR in past 22 months!

    Imagine how does he feel when some failure like Kusal Mendis was preferred over him, after having all those seniority, credentials & hard work to acheive those runs for SL even in recent times?

    AFTER ALL, UPUL IS A HUMAN BEING AND IT IS INEVITABLE WHATEVER MOMENTUM OR RHYTHM HE HAD BUILT WILL MELT… WHEN YOU SEE YOUR COACH & SKIPPER OBVIOUSLY WAITING TO FIND A SLIGHTEST BLEMISH IN FORM TO KICK YOU OUT ALL THE TIME!~ Age wise Tharanga (33) has at least 3 years left in him as a batter (all SL batters retired at 37 or 38) & the most fittest player among batters today. (Mathews 32 &in about year or 2 mostt of the other guys will be in 30s).

  11. @ Stormy-
    Once in a blue

    @ Stormy-

    Once in a blue moon solitary inning of Kusal Mendis won’t make him a good potential. The way he batted in most of his innings and how he got out against most formidable attacks including spin didn’t fit the highly overrated technical ability at all (like in Thrimannes’s case).

    Facing a WC inside a few months, this kind of highly illogical decisions may even get the closer attention of ICC anti-corruption unit relentlessly monitoring SL cricket at present.!

  12. Tharanga was axed like this
    Tharanga was axed like this giving just one match in the series is unbelievable. It seems Hathurusinghe had waited to ax him at first opportunity of a rare duck.

    – This is pure madness & jealousy. Otherwise, who would ax the most runs yielded guy in front order in past couple of years to slot in and persist with the worst failure of among all top order batters?

    – Now Look at Hathurusinghe’s record. he had played 33 odis to collect 669 runs with just 20 Average as a SL opener and he was a total failure in Odis during his time and he could have reached Tharanga’s numerous achievements only in his dreams.

    – JEALOUSIES kill SL cricket. Our chief selector former mediocre fast bowler Graeme Labrooy tried to cut the throat of star pace bowler Lasith Malinga for the same kind of petty Jealousy.

    This destructive coach is only interested in money & personal intentions. God save SL cricket.

  13. @MDKJulius Caesar What a
    @MDKJulius Caesar What a loud-mouthed Ah$$@ you are. I am guessing you are naively ignoring facts because u envy a coach n whoever cricketer that is a competition for ur lover boy, UT. All Career avg of UT against vs Aus = 24.38 vs India = 30.70 vs NZ = 32.73, vs Pak = 28.78, vs SA = 27.50 vs WI = 27.18. His strike rate is even more appalling. The only better average of his seems to be against Eng. I only highlighted 19.2 average vs Eng because that was after his come back (2016) and also when Eng was a better ODI side.
    How many ODIs has he completed? 232. With that many matches under his belt, he should be a match winner by now. Instead, UT is no Jayasuriya (i.e.flair) or not even Atapattu(i.e. technique). Kusal Perera and Gunatilake appear to be much better openers than him. UT still has technical flaws in his batting (pathetic leg-side play, n let Stark bowl to his offstump and u will see the result :D), fails to get going even after spending lot of time in the middle. Even Ban opener Tameem Iqbal (182 ODIs) has a better record than him. Even more rarely are his innings match winning ones (even the ones he get a considerable score). It is high time ur lover boy be kicked out of the ODI side , worthless lethargic non-competent cricketer !!! Or take him to the WC and lets ruin everything for the team 😛

  14. @Cricfanus on October 20,
    @Cricfanus on October 20, 2018 – 16:56.#13

    You couldn’t answer any of my questions repeated here again.. and why try to doge them like a moron with another set of idiotic comments unrelated to the point? Why try to hide, when cannot find answers ???

    Who talked about playing against long time minnows such as , Ireland, Zmb, BD, Afg, Netherlands etc etc???

    What is your point quoting SR Vs Neatherlands, Ireland, Zmb etc?

    You are dissecting his stats to question the ability vs Eng since 2016. You idiot first tell me how many innings he was allowed to play in top order in those FIVE INNINGS ?

    FORCED TO BAT in the tail AT NO-7 in FOUR of those innings & Just a SOLITARY match given to Open before AXING again, DO you expect any batter to do MIRACLES?

    EVEN under such harsh treatment, didn’t he produce an UNBEATEN 53* from 49 balls @ 108 SR & another 40 runs from 33 balls @ 121 SR batting at No-7 in ENGLAND….from those Five Innings you fool ?????

    How hilarious to quote an Average of such a short stint of 5 innings, deliberately suppressed to put him down?

    The performance stats were based on OUTSIDE subcontinent best ranked SL performers played in top nations Vs most formidable sides.

    So what is the relevance of quoting averages included home & subcontinent conditions & tracks you fool?

    Instead, look at the relevant performance stats in those countries & conditions:

    in SA – 37 Av – 1x 100 – 2 x 50
    in Eng- 56 Av – 2 x 100 – 5 x 50 (1 MoM award)
    in NZ – 33 Av – 1 x 100 – 1 x 50 (1 MoM award)
    in Aus- 22 Av – 3 x 50 (1 MoM in decider 1st ever series win in Au)
    in WI – 34 Av – 1 x 100 – 3 x 50

    Trying to convince or arguing with a nonsense blabbering dummy is a waste of time.!
    Where is your brain Ah$$@ ??

  15. WOW!! MDKJulius the lover boy
    WOW!! MDKJulius the lover boy is at it again. 😀 This GERMAN cow has nothing for defense against the concerns I raised. I genuinely wanted to highlight his record against strong opposition which is not very promising (except against Eng). Take his record with other world-class opening batsman and get some common sense u dumb A@# — UT is no where near a world class opener and for his age if at all he should be a wclass by now!!! TM Dilshan WAS!!! If there are enough budding “potential” world class batsman (dikka, gunatilake, kperera, dhana and samarawickrama) competing for the opening spot there is no use fitting in UT at all in this team. UT doesn’t fit any other batting position in this team, because he lacks in technique , power, and temperament for those places. He is 34 and no point keeping his place as an opener if he is not going to win you games at least every 1 match out of 4/5 games played. Just because u envy other competition – dnt try to push ur lover <3 boy opinion here, we are not going to buy into that!!




    1) Upul Tharanga (186 ings – 6,062 runs as Opener from 8037 balls faced) is RANKED at No-9 spot in HIGHEST RUN MAKERS among World odi OPENERS, who had played less than 225 innings and faced under 10,000 balls.;batting_positionmin1=1;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=runs;qualmax2=10000;qualmax3=225;qualval2=balls_faced;qualval3=innings;template=results;type=batting


    2) With Tharanga’s 15 CENTURIES from 186 Innings as Opener, He is RANKED at N0-6 in Highest Century Makers among World Odi Openers who had played less than 225 innings and faced under 10,000 balls.;batting_positionmin1=1;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=hundreds;qualmax2=10000;qualmax3=225;qualval2=balls_faced;qualval3=innings;template=results;type=batting


    3) UPUL THARANGA is sharing the WORLD RECORD (with Ricky Ponting) for building the HIGHEST NUMBER OF DOUBLE HUNDRED STANDS (SEVEN)


    4) Top 5 Highest Opening Partnerships In ODI

    Upul Tharanga and Tillakaratne Dilshan

    Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock:

    David Warner and Travis Head

    Upul Tharanga and Sanath Jayasuriya

    Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul Haq

    Upul is the ONLY ODI batter in the world involved in TWO Highest partnerships among top Five Opening Partnerships.!


    5) One-Day Internationals / Batting records / Carrying bat through a completed innings – Tharanga is among the 11 batters in the World Odi Cricket to Achieve that (Only SL batter). He did that last year single handedly trying to halt a whitewash Vs Pak, but ran out of partners in ever crumbling batting unit before making the last few runs to win that match!

    On 16 October 2017, Tharanga became the first batsman for Sri Lanka, and the first captain in the world overall, to carry his bat in an ODI


  17. The above unique achievements
    The above unique achievements were never HIGHLIGHTED in SL. If they were achieved by someone else belongs to the privileged elite group of City boys, the would have been GLORIFIED for ever.!

  18. I agree that he has had some
    I agree that he has had some exceptional records. But they don’t measure the quality of openers in cricket these days, I would like to expect more. He has the lowest average for an opener even if he is in the top10 for most runs for the number of matches played. For those 15 centuries, he has only scored 2 centuries after 2013, compare that with Amla, Sharma, Dhawan and other modern openers (with 40+ avg 90+ S.R.). His strike rate is on the lower side which is not good enough for modern cricket (his stats may have done the team good 10-15 years back ). He came to the scene with a bang ( i remember he had a number of back to back centuries), many Sri Lankans were hopeful of his talent. However, he faded with a bang as well once bowlers figured out his weaknesses. Did he improve in his game with time? barely. UT lacked in technique to produce consistent performances. I don’t think he has enough time left to become a world class opener, train has left long time ago. Presenting him the opening position is also a risk SLC will have to take that will not IMO pay off and also prevent nurturing upcoming young talent in dikka,gunathilake, etc.

  19. Cricfanus
    The reason for not


    The reason for not scoring more centuries or becoming not par with the rest of the top batters is VIRTUALLY STALLING & WIPING OFF 3+Yrs of HIS CAREER @ the prime Age of 28 Years!

    His past was not Rosy as the other Openers in world cricket due to cruel, corrupted authorities in SL.! You have forgotten how Tharanga’s career was virtually paused for Three plus 3+ yrs (2013 – 2017) not allowing him anything other than randomly given mostly occasional solitary matches with repeated in-between axing many months up to year apart and slotting in lower down positions ranged from No 6, 7, even No 9, to blocking him from settling & repeatedly destroying his batting rhythm with frequent axing. Just those 19 occasional innings spread over 4 yrs, never

    Tharanga was AXED & sidelined for nearly 4 yrs in prime time of his career..

    This happened immediately after scoring 5,000 runs as the 2nd quickest SL batter (from 168 ings) to reach that goal, by making an unbeaten career best score of 174* Vs India in WI (his 13th Ton came @ 28yrs only a very few had done that in world). This cruel axing imposed in July 2013 by Sanath Jayasuriya (when Upul came close to breaking his record for SL highest individual ODI score & also made a world record for highest number of 7 double-hundred stands equaling Ricky Ponting).!

    Upul was axed to place Jayasuriya’s so called replica Kusal Perera by SJ & given him an uninterrupted stint of 50+ odis (2013 2016) as Opener, despite 30 innings ended up under 10 balls & single digit scores!

    Before blaming Upul for not raising his position to take over from retired legends, pl read the following to find out where he was placed, before that cruel ax wiped 4 yrs of his career @ 28yrs….

    Following is SL’s All-Time Best Run-Accumulators in history, at individual 168th innings (Upul was Axed just after his 168th for 4 yrs) of their individual careers. Fortunately, (EXCEPT for luckless UT) none of their careers were ever seized or frozen as fringe players, after achieving such a level at this stage. Later, they all became world-class champions for SL.!

    1) Athpattu: 168 in – 5607 r – 132*HS – 38.14 Av – 66.84 SR – 7×100 – 42×50

    2)Tharanga: 168 in – 5339 r – 174*HS – 33.57 Av – 73.61 SR – 13 x100 – 28×50

    3)Sanga: 168 in – 5274 r – 138*HS – 36.12 Av – 74.28 SR – 5×100 – 35×50

    4)Dilshan: 168 in – 4915 r – 160 HS – 35.35 Av – 87.30 SR – 8×100 – 20×50

    5)Aravinda: 168 in – 4802 r – 107*HS – 31.38 Av- 80.11 SR – 3 x100 – 34 x50

    6)Mahela : 168 in – 4666 r – 128 HS – 30.90 Av – 72.80 SR – 6×100 – 23×50

    7)Sanath J: 168 in – 4582 r – 151*HS – 28.28 Av – 91.47 SR – 7×100 – 28×50

  20. @ MDKJulius Yes, he might
    @ MDKJulius Yes, he might have hard done by the political agenda of selectors and certain people. Yes, he might NOT have been given an opportunity when it was due and he was in form. Even if I highly doubt it, he might have been a world class opener if we persevered longer. Having said all this, he was not the only one suffered from the bad politics in the history of SLC which is sad. But, More importantly, at least after UTs come back he should have been able to put to rest all doubt and win matches for SLC frequently than now – if he was the world-class batsman after Dilshan we all were looking for (I also think it is important to remind how Dilshan/Jayasuriya single-handedly won matches for SL making them class apart from others). Instead, he is 34 now with the same old quirks and most certainly won’t get any better!! IMO, it is a far better investment if don’t let other young openers suffer the same fate UT did by inserting him as an opener now and depriving opportunity for these new guys to mature.

  21. @Cricfanus@
    We are now


    We are now focusing on up coming WC and not on spoon feeding the so called guys like Kusal Mendis already given and wasted 50 + odis (Almost 1/4 of UT’s career innings) to fail & struggling with averages in 20s. Even that is dwindling down progressively (12 Av in last 24 inngs) instead of improving.

    Cricket is team game.! it is nonsense to say one man alone can win matches without support from the rest of the batters. This is true to even world’s top batters. Therefore don’t judge any player from the victories alone. Because no matter how good your performance is,
    still you will loose the match if the rest of the guys collectively put up a poor show. Exactly this is what happening during the past couple of years in SL.

    That is why despite Tharanga’s exceptional effort since come back in 2017, becoming one of the only 3 batters in the world to top 1,000 Odi runs in 2017 – 25 ing- 1011 runs @ 48 Av – 92 SR with 2 x 100 & 7 x 50+ couldn’t bring the deserved results. Simply that is not his fault & What else do you expect him to do as a batter to win matches? Even Lara or Sanga cannot change the results under such circumstances. So without following the facts & blaming him shows the foolishness our fans.

    As an example, Just look at the series whitewash suffered vs Pk due to, SL batting failures among top 7 in that 5-odi series. This is what they managed from up to 5 ings (Chandimal 5- 41, Thisara 5-91, Dickwella 5-62, Milinda 5- 24, K Mendis 2-12, Sadeera 2-0, Kapu 1- 18).

    They all collectively managed just 248 runs from 25 innings @ 9.92 Av in entire 5-odi series. Only Upul Tharanga fought hard trying to win matches 5 odis – 199 runs – 50 Av- 1 x 100+ & 1 x 50+). Can you expect him to win matches with this kind of batting unit.!

    Tharanga became the first SL batsman to carry his bat out in an Odi match when he scored an unbeaten 112* out of his team’s score of 187 in the second match Vs Pak. Tharanga fought hard until the end to bring a victory for SL, but unfortunately ran out of partners & sadly he was stranded without partners at the end just short of few more runs. There wasn’t a single batter who could at least keep one end intact.!

    Upul contributed 59.89 percent of team’s total which was only the 2nd highest after Australian Damian Martyn’s innings of 116 not out in a total of 191 which contributed 60.73 of his team’s total. Overall, Tharanga became only the 11 th batsman to achieve the feat in ODIs (50 overs). THIS SPEAKS FOR THE SINGLE HANDED EFFORT THAT HE HAD PUT TO AT LEAST AVOID THAT WHITEWASH.! I don’t think anyone in SL Odi history had put up such a massive effort single handedly!
    This was the story in SA whitewash & in India as well. SO DO YOU STILL EXPECT HIM TO WIN MATCHES under such circumstances?

    To win a match you essentially need the team contribution. Therefore to win a MoM award you need that back up for sure. Without that basic support, no matter how extra ordinarily good your effort is; you end up in the losing side without getting the deserved MoM!

    Likewise, one of the 3 MoMs Mendis won was in Zmb for his 57 score, but Tharanga batting lower down at No5 made the winning runs scoring unbeaten 57* ensuring the Victory… but the MoM was given to Mendis.

    Ie: Tharanga should have definitely won at least 4 more MoM awards if the rest of the batters didn’t fell like nine pins without any significant contribution (in addition to the Mom award he got in 2018 triangular decider in BD) for his record making performances Vs Pak unbeaten 112* / his 119 (90b @ 132 SR) in SA / his 95 (82 b @ 116 SR) in India & probably for his unbeaten 79* ( 73 b @ 109 SR) as well, that got stranded without partners batting lower at No4 due to wasting 25 overs by top 3 batters going for individual scores at SR in 70s on (that could have easily been extended to match wining 100 if he was allowed to Open)!

    Compare the stats since 2017 Jan to find the incomparably vast difference between performances of these two players since Jan 2017:

    – THARANGA: 38 ings – 1,315 runs @ 40 Av- 87 SR –2 x100+ /7 x 50+ (1 Mom award)

    – K MENDIS: 35 ings – 761 runs @ 22 Av -80 SR – 1 x 100 / 4 x 50+ (1 Mom award)


    No need to say, Tharanga is clearly in a well above orbit that Mendis could only dream of.! As long as Tharanga keep up his fitness & batting productivity (not judged by mere 8 innings) he has at least 3-4 more year ahead of him at 33 yrs (if not cut his throat) & his experience & services cannot be missed in upcoming WC.!

    BTW can you name a single batter in SL history that suffered straight 3 yrs axing just after scoring 5,000 in 168 ings with 13 tons performance above most of our later became legends in runs & tons as pointed out by someone in an above post?

  22. @Fight4Right stop whining
    @Fight4Right stop whining about UT’s 3+ years being axed in the exile or no of MoM awards he rightfully (or wrong fully) lost due to some other player. Instead what UT should focus on is improving his game-play and be a better player than he is now – score more centuries consistently, bump up his avg, develop aggresive mind set. Clearly UTs fanboys are bending over backwards to make him the best player SLC ever produced in recent era which is clearly not the case and has generally never been a match winner for us. His lack of aggressive play and slow strike rate put pressure on others on the so called “team” game. Whether u believe it or not cricket is a game of star players – players like kholi, sanga, devilliers, jayasuirya or mcgrath, lee, stain all made other teams weep in fear and panic. Sorry to dissapoint you but Upul is never going to be that player and he will most definitely have zero impact if he is ever going to be included in WC squad 😛

  23. Just refrain from responding
    Just refrain from responding to the above idiot @ Cricfanus with a dumb head & some attitude. All he could do is avoiding your questions, when unable to come up with any solid point to oppose or counter your view. Don’t waste your time on an obvious dummy :D)

  24. @MDKJulius Caesar I too
    @MDKJulius Caesar I too figured long time ago that there is no point rationalizing against UT since here UT lover boys are galore.. But honestly, I can’t resist myself against a bunch of dumb a#@ partisan cows. Only UT himself can satisfy u boys, hope ur wet dreams come true soon !! LOL

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