Kumar and Yehali swim home

Kumar Sangakkara has mentioned on his blog about the unfortunate incident that led to the abandonment of his vehicle in Colombo yesterday.

Sangakkara and wife (Yehali) were driving through Kynsey Road in Colombo when he attempted to drive his "Jeep" through waist high water.

The bloody thing probably stalled due to the water and the Sri Lankan captain and his wife had to wade through waste high water to get out of there.

What were you thinking skipper? That’s the worst rain fall in years and all roads were flooded. Unless you were planning on travelling in a boat or hovercraft, you should not have driven through there.

This is from his blog:

We’ve obviously had buckets of rain in Colombo during the past 24 hours – around 400mm – which is a serious amount of water (so much water in fact that Yehali and I had to abandon our jeep last night on Kynsey Road and wade through waist-high water!).

Stop laughing guys, it’s not funny. That vehicle is obviously worth a lot of money.

It’s not just flooded roads that’s a problem; listen to this,

The first task, though, is the upcoming Test series with West Indies. We’ve had a couple of days to put our feet up – at least the ones without flooded homes have anyway – but now we are off to Galle.

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