Kapugedera has twice been the wrong choice in finals

The moment kapugedera was brought in as replacement, I knew he was the wrong choice. For the 2011 World Cup, having never played a single match, he was brought in and was a failure. Today ,again having never played prior to this, he was brought into a final.

Even Healy commented that Kapugedera was a misfit. Kapu comes from Kandy – was there political interference? In domestic cricket he recently scored a century but Chamara Silva scored a double century and two centuries and should have been the choice. In the World Cup, Chamara was replaced by Kapugedera.

I also have been highlighting that our tail hit the ball in the air and today Kulasekera was the culprit.

The sports minister was there today for the finals in the hope of our winning the title and he taking the credit for the hard work of the players. I can dare to say but for political intreference we would have fared better.

Ranjan Rodrigo, Sydney.

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