John Howard tries to buy out Zimbabwe cricket officials to secure ICC post

The Zimbabwe Cricket Board will not back the former Australian PM, John Howard in his bid to become the next ICC vice-president.

According to the The Herald in Zimbabwe, during Howard’s recent visit to the country he made "underhand offers" to the members of the Zimbabwe Board to secure their vote in today’s poll in Singapore.

The Herald says: "It has also emerged that Howard’s attempts to attain office are part of wider efforts to ensure that Ireland and Scotland attain Test-playing status and sway the balance of power in the ICC to the England-led bloc.

"Highly-placed sources said the ZC board met on Monday and agreed that Zimbabwe, together with six other nations in the ICC board, should vote against Howard."

I hope this douche gets his backside kicked back to a remote corner of the Australian outback, where he belongs. Before you get your knickers all in a twist, I have reason to feel the way I do about Howard.

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