Jayasuriya is an opening batsman – Why does Sachin not get this?

For the last 19 years Sanath has opened the batting. He has done it for Sri Lanka, Sussex, Lancs, the Nashua Dolphins in South Africa’s Standard Bank Pro 20 and the Mohammedans in the Bangladesh domestic league.

Today’s DLF-IPL encounter between Mumbai and Rajasthan saw the Indians sending Jayasuriya at no.3. [Correction]

Making such drastic changes to your line up this late in the tournament will result in dire consequences. You are not only meddling with a proven format but also messing with the confidence and mentality of the players when they fail.


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  1. He went in lower than number
    He went in lower than number three. He was sent at 4. Middle order batting is not his style. He used the pace of the new ball and fielding restrictions. Mumbai wont make it to finals man?

  2. Same sh*t different day from

    Same sh*t different day from MI. Sachin might be a great batsman, but one of the worst captains I’ve ever seen.

    WTF was MI management doin? Sanath and a right hander should’ve been opening.

    I dunno what was the strategy, was it like let those youngsters waste first 6 overs and then Sana nad sachin are gonna hit??

    Crap thinking MI.

  3. I agree Sachin is not that
    I agree Sachin is not that great captain. He should have sent Sanath in opening with Takwale… Duminy is in form batsman … he should have come 1 down and Sachin should come at no.3

  4. True…Sachin Is not a good
    True…Sachin Is not a good captain..
    Field settings are very poor. and Not using bowlers at the right time.
    BUT v must agree that Sana also didnt batted very well.  🙁

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